All to play for in Sixes

THE battle for second place could not be any closer after the matches on Wednesday in the Soccersixes Daventry League.

With Coach and Horses coming up against un-defeated Real Daventry it was never going to be easy to get points for Coach and Horses.

After a hard-fought game it ended with a comfortable victory for Real Daventry, winning 8-0 with an array of goals from Richard Rogers (4), Sam Burke (3) and Craig Turner (2).

After a defeat last week, Pen Island dominated Manhaus with a 5-0 thrashing, goals coming from Kevin Moore (3), Andy Moore and Lee Cresswell.

With only one week to go both Coach and Horses and Pen Island are tied on points for second.

They will be competing against each other for the second place showdown next week.

With the new season starting in just one week Soccersixes are always on the lookout for new teams wishing to join the league at the Daventry Sports Centre.

Any teams interested should contact Richard Rollason on 07929241693 or register online