Finding winning ways

WILLOUGHBY bounced back after the previous week’s disaster to record a much-needed win in Division One in front of the Abbey at Stoneleigh.

Batting first, the visitors had to recover from another perilous position of 30 for three with batsmen giving their wickets as opposed to them being taken. However Tom Green (45), Graham Hallam (44) and Tom Hill (42) all compiled worthy innings to see Willoughby to an eventual 187 all out.

In reply, Stoneleigh were always behind the run-rate despite Pete Mackenzie offering some resistance making 66.

After his earlier knock, Hill came back with the ball to take four for 42 with James Barnwell taking two for 44 as Stoneleigh aided by late hitting closed on 171 for seven, giving Willoughby victory by 16 runs which was more comfortable than the result suggests.

There was no such joy at The Green where Willoughby gave a good account of themselves albeit in the face of defeat to division three favourites Charlton.

Batting first, the visitors emphasised their strength in batting making 215 for four with Graham Knight top scoring with 71, and Nathan Cox (43 not out) and youngster Brad Taylor (40 not out) leading their charge.

In reply, Willoughby went some way to achieving their target of earning batting points, closing their innings on 110 for nine in the face of an equally tidy bowling attack.

Sean McPhillips made 23 and Pete Reynolds 21 as Charlton won by 105 runs.

Sunday’s friendly fixture saw Willoughby eventually running down visitors Norton Lindsey by 36 runs.

Other results for Saturday, June 4: Premier Division: Warwick University Staff (255 for nine – 20 pts) beat Woodford Halse (240 all out – nine pts) by 15 runs

Warwick University Staff: Ankur Chandra 66, Abishek Singh 61, Aled Edwards 45, Joe Haynes four-59 and Joe Henderson three-37.

Woodford Halse: Joe Haynes 89, Roly Berry 44, Richard Stevens 30, Ajit Nair three-50, Ajay Nair three-57, Karan Gupta two-21.

Evenley (148 for three – 20 pts) beat Byfield (146 all out – three pts) by seven wickets.

Evenley: Steve Harris 73 n.o, Dave Holden 39 n.o., Anthony Romaine 19, Jake Heath two-41.

Byfield: Andy Watts 33, Jon Carr 29, Rob Oliver 19, Anthony Romaine four-46, Talib Ali three-23, Ben Patterson two-16.

Division One

Willoughby (187 all out – 20 pts) beat Stoneleigh (171 for seven – 8pts) by 16 runs.

Willoughby: Graham Hallam 44, Tom Hill 42, Tom Green 45, Paul Lazenby four-48, Bob Bains three-44.

Stoneleigh: Pete Mackenzie 66, James Chapman 24, Bob Bains 21 n.o., Tom Hill four-48, James Barnwell two-44.

Middleton Cheney (245 for four – 20 pts) beat Preston Capes (218 for seven – seven pts) by 27 runs.

Middleton Cheney: Andy Cross 121 n.o., John Ramsdale 50 and Ryan Markham 35.

Preston Capes: Ben Strong 74, Alex Strong 64, Nick Smith 23, Stephen King three-59 and Josh Nadin two-45.

Division Two

Byfield ‘A’ (193 for seven – 20 pts) beat Preston Bissett (134 all out – five pts) by 59 runs. Byfield ‘A’: Lloyd Parkinson 41, Martyn Bannister 39, Kevin Moyce 30, Wayne Nortje 27, Gareth Andrews 20 n.o., Les Ashby two-38, James Dolling two-45, Gary Hunt two-64.

Preston Bissett: Ryan Watson 45, Michael Randall 23, Kevin DeSilva 16 and Lloyd Parkinson four-29, Tom Hall three-20 and Kevin Moyce two-44.

Division Three

Charlton (215 for four – 20 pts) beat Willoughby ‘A’ (110 for nine – five pts) by 105 runs.

Charlton: Graham Knight 71, Nathan Cox 43 n.o., Brad Taylor 40 n.o.

Willoughby ‘A’: Sean McPhillips 23, Pete Reynolds 21, Ahtaram Muhammed four-23.

Wardington (149 for eight – 20 pts) beat Preston Capes ‘A’ (103 all out – seven pts) by 46 runs. Wardington: Zhaid Jan 50 n.o., Jack Osbourne 31, Chay Kalym four-22.

Preston Capes ‘A’: Chay Kalym 28, Callum Garwood 24, Ben Packman 20, Marcus Fleming five-34, Zhaid Jan four-24.

Marston St Lawrence (201 for three – 20 pts) beat Gayton (148 all out – five pts) by 53 runs.

Marston St Lawrence ‘A’: Connor Atkin 82, Jamie Wilcox 75 n.o.,

Gayton: Cameron Waldron 70, Matt Riddle three-11, Mike Froom two-12 and Neil Lake two-14.

Division Four

Boddington (65 for eight – 20 pts) beat Grange Park ‘A’ (64 all out – five pts) by two wickets. Boddington: Richard Post 19, Tony Adams three-28, Dave Firmin two-four, Shirag Sehgal two-20. Grange Park ‘A’: Dave Firmin 31, Ryan Maloney 14, Steve Kent three-16, Craig Jones three-15.

Braunston Paddox (151 for eight – 20 pts) beat Woodford Halse ‘A’ (144 all out – eight pts) by seven runs.

Braunston Paddox: Zane Doe 51, Sam Penhall 44 n.o, Dean Haynes three-18, Jim Reid three-29. Woodford Halse ‘A’: Paul Shrimpton 25, Terry Hulme 25, Kevin Price 22, Jim Reid 18, Adam O’Connor four-28, Darren Cox two-33.

Division Five

Priors (147 all out – 20 pts) beat Braunston Paddox ‘A’ (89 all out – seven pts) by 58 runs.

Priors: Colin Turner 62, Oscar Heath 33, M.Imran three-12, Bob Biddell three-38, Lewis Batchelor three-56.

Braunston Paddox ‘A’: Dick Stapley 17 n.o., Sam Higgs five-25, Wayne Davies three-12.

Middleton Cheney ‘A’ (127 for three – 20 pts) beat Flecknoe (126 for eight – five pts) by seven wickets.

Middleton Cheney ‘A’: Ashley Cox 72, Chris Haynes 18, Dan McAllion two-22.

Flecknoe: Kaamil Walilay 32, Erling Lindoe 24, Neil Hillman three-56, Barry White two-38.

Wardington Cup

Byfield (91 for two) beat Afro Caribbean (87 for eight) by eight wickets.

Byfield: Steve Clayton 41, Duncan Harris 36, Adam West two-22.

Afro Caribbean: Amir Ali 19, Cedric Miller 19, Adam West 18, Jake Heath two-nine, Jon Carr two-22 and Sam Brough two-24.

Division One KO Cup

Preston Capes (135 all out) beat Middleton Cheney (123 for seven) by 12 runs. Preston Capes: Callum Berrill 53, Mark Daynes 20, Stephen King three-24, David Eaton two-37

Middleton Cheney: Rob Williams two-23, Dave Holmes two-17.

Division Two KO Cup

Byfield ‘A’ (167 for five) beat Sibford (160 for two) by seven runs.

Byfield ‘A’: Eli Heath 47, Paul Wills 43 n.o., Lloyd Parkinson 32, Jason Andrews 28, Keith Oberascher two-21, Harry Smith two-21.

Sibford: Harry Smith 79, Richard Ferley 51.