Exciting encounters

THE Daventry Netball League’s new division system is proving a success with much closer matches and more evenly matched on court play.

The first match in division A was Fusion 16, Grafton Gate Ladies 20 and as expected it was a very closely contested game.

The match went goal for goal for the first-half then Grafton managed to intercept in the shooting circle and convert their chances to take the win.

Next on court in the B division was Cummins 19, Helix 14.

Helix took an early lead with the team’s young players having a good game but then Cummins’ more accurate shooting meant they ended on a win.

The third match of the day was Ashmore Tornadoes 24, against G&T’s 31.

The current league title holders took early control of this match and held the goal difference throughout.

The final match was Duston 17, DW Ladies 2 with DW ladies struggling to field a full team and the Duston girls ever improving play meant a deserved win for the young team.

The mixed tournament, which consisted of 10 teams made up of the league’s usual teams and their male partners and friends was a great success.

Games were closely competed with the men speeding the rate of play through the centrecourt.

The final was between Ashmore and Daventry Spartans with the Spartans emerging the victors with a score of 6-3.

As each player paid to play and as well as the raffle this meant the league donated half of the £310 raised to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the other half to the Around The World Challenge Fund.

A big thank you to all involved.