Double delight

DAVENTRY Workers’ Skittles had double reason to celebrate this week.

The Workers team had two games against Mayfield Park in the same week – and won on both occasions.

One match was a Fours match and the other a league encounter.

The fours proved a closely-fought game but the Workers’ team – consisting of Steve Bushill, Adam Crosby, Steve Tebbutt and Ian Barson – snatched the win on the last game.

In the league match, the score was close all night but the Workers pulled away from game seven for a final score of 27-39.

There were good performances from Steve Tebbutt 5-1, 14 stack; Steve Bushill 5-2, 10 stack; Ian Barson 5-3, 10 stack; and Dave Hodgett 5-4, 10-14-14-15 stacks.