Derby clash ends in slender victory

WOODFORD Halse narrowly got the better of near-neighbours Byfield in the Premier Division derby clash.

Woodford (102 all out) clawed their way to a 13-run victory over Byfield (89 all out) in a relatively low-scoring encounter.

Andy Watts (45) and Lloyd Parkinson (21) gave useful accounts for Byfield at the crease.

And bowling praise was reserved for Jon Carr (four-21), Ben Chambers (five-36) and Rupesh Sarvankar (three-eight).

Results for Saturday, June 25

Premier Division

Woodford Halse (102 all out – 20 pts) beat Byfield (89 all out – five pts) by 13 runs.

Woodford Halse: Jon Carr four-21. Byfield: Andy Watts 45, Lloyd Parkinson 21, Ben Chambers five-36, Rupesh Sarvankar three-eight.

Division One

Castlethorpe (110 all out – 20 pts) beat Preston Capes (45 all out - five pts) by 65 runs.

Castlethorpe: Nick Bell 53, Ian Holmes four-17, Anthony Franks three-26.

Preston Capes: Mark Daynes 13, Alex Strong 11, Nik Mistry five-four, Martin Jones three-16.

Middleton Cheney (195 all out - 20 pts) beat Willoughby (105 for nine – six pts) by 90 runs.

Middleton Cheney: Stephen King 61, Andy Cross 51, Matt Stevens 25, Martin Nichols three-five, Tom Hill three-45.

Willoughby: Martin Nichols 37, Andy Cross three-16.

Division Two

Crown (174 for nine – 20 pts) beat Byfield ‘A’ (170 all out – seven pts) by four runs.

Crown: Sumit Ganju 33, Alex Fuller 32, Omer Harris 30, Waqas Nasimi 21, Jason An drews three-24, Matt Kirkham three-50.

Byfield ‘A’: Jason Andrews 81, Joe Newby 20, Dave Jobbins 15, Waqas Nasimi four-41 and Sumit Ganju four-47.

Division Three

Preston Capes ‘A’ (201 for seven – 20 pts) beat Willoughby ‘A’ (102 all out – six pts) by 99 runs.Preston Capes ‘A’: Shane McKay 55, Kyle Kalym 44, John Temple 33 n.o., Sean Thornton three-34.

Willoughby ‘A’: Isbar Ali 74, Ben Packman three-22, Chay Kalym three-20, Kyle Kalym two-30.

Division Four

Braunston Paddox (205 for nine – 20 pts) beat Grange Park ‘A’ (30 all out- four pts) by 175 runs.

Braunston Paddox: Ryan Spriggs 61, Matt Foster 41, Jordan Shingler 29, Chirag Sehgal three-38, Tony Adams three-66.

Grange Park ‘A’: Darren Cox five-10, Adam O’Connor two-six, Zane Doe two-eight.

Helmdon beat Woodford Halse ‘A’ (48 all out - two pts) by six wickets.

Helmdon: Souraj Malluk 16 n.o., Dean Haynes three-13.

Woodford Halse ‘A’: Dean Haynes 20, Geoff Bridger six-13, Souraj Malluk two-one.

Syresham ‘A’ (162 for eight – 20 pts) beat Boddington (110 all out – seven pts) by 52 runs.

Syresham ‘A’: Matt Cooper 46 n.o., Scott Andrew 30, Craig Jones four-25, Nathan Jones two-12. Boddington: Craig Jones 35, Nathan Jones 31, Tom Sheppard five-46, Mark Evans two-35.

Division Five

Thornborough ‘A’ (183 for two – 20 pts) beat Flecknoe (179 for seven – six pts) by eight wickets.

Thornborough ‘A’: Cameron Davies 133 n.o., Joe Osborn 15, Graham Sharp 14.

Flecknoe: Tom Pewtress 52, Erling Lindoe 39, Nick Rushall 29, Ben Oxley three-23, Cameron Davies two-31.

Braunston Paddox ‘A’ (117 for eight – 20 pts) beat Evenley ‘B’ (116 for four – seven pts) by two wickets.

Braunston Paddox ‘A’: Andrew Moore 31 n.o., Chris Lodge 26, Will Jennings 16 n.o., Sam Holden three-19.

Evenley ‘B’: Steve Nowell 54 n.o., Graham Harman 30 and Will Jennings three-35.