NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Who hit the runs and who claimed the wickets?

The Northants Cricket League got into full swing last weekend, with teams from all 15 divisions involved.
Cogenhoe IIs' Matt Irons sees the funny side after he is dismissed in his team's loss to Obelisk (Pictures: Jamie Brown)Cogenhoe IIs' Matt Irons sees the funny side after he is dismissed in his team's loss to Obelisk (Pictures: Jamie Brown)
Cogenhoe IIs' Matt Irons sees the funny side after he is dismissed in his team's loss to Obelisk (Pictures: Jamie Brown)

Here, we publish every result from every section, and highlight the pick of the batting and bowling performances.

We also list all the fixtures for this coming Saturday.


Aiden Garret plays an attacking shot for Cogenhoe IIsAiden Garret plays an attacking shot for Cogenhoe IIs
Aiden Garret plays an attacking shot for Cogenhoe IIs

Saturday, May 1

Premier Division

Desborough Town 187-6 (Wayne Steed 75, Tom Norman 4-62) drew with Oundle Town 368-4 (C Craig 143 no, Jack Bolsover 89, Mark Hodgson 63)

Finedon Dolben 134-8 (Chris Todd, 42, Tom Firm 5-48) beat Rushden & Higham 131 all out (Jack Chopping 5-47) by two wickets

Cogenhoe IIs' Liam Morrisey goes on the attack against ObeliskCogenhoe IIs' Liam Morrisey goes on the attack against Obelisk
Cogenhoe IIs' Liam Morrisey goes on the attack against Obelisk

Old Northamptonians 71-1 (William Heathfield 33no, Tom Hafil 26no) beat Horton House 70 all out (James Redding 26, Amrit Basra 6-19) by nine wickets

Overstone Park 198 all out (Kunal Patel 54, Matthew Sunter 34, James Sales 33, Adil Arif 6-39) lost to Geddington 248-8 (Adil Arif 113no, Benedict Harvey 45, Matthew Cannon 4-50) by 50 runs

Peterborough Town 283 all out (Nick Paskins 69, Scott Howard 40, Bashrat Hussain 4-52) drew with Brigstock 159-9 (George Groenland 81no, Mark Edwards 3-45)

Division One

Burton Latimer 265-8 (David Shelford 97, James Dawson 5-79) beat Haddon 139 all out (Neil Humphrey 43, Aidan Cunningham 4-37) by 126 runs

Irthlingborough Town 249-7 (Alex McDonald 129no, Ashley Doggett 58) drew with Weekley & Warkton 246-8 (Liam Piddington 52, Alex McDonald 4-41)

Loddington & Mawsley 150-2 (Max Levine 67no) beat Long Buckby 147 all out (Nick Smith 38, Josh Plowright 4-22) by eight wickets

Stony Stratford 107-7 (Arvind Ramesh 47no) beat Kislingbury Temperance 106 all out (Omarie Allen 41, Graham Simpson 4-35) by three wickets

Wellingborough Town 224-4 (Ryan Arnold 65no, Jake Westley 53, Zachary Bean 52) beat Old Northamptonians IIs 132 all out (Dave Watkin 51) by 92 runs

Wollaston 219 all out (Cameron Monteith 74) beat Finedon Dolben IIs 177 all out (Matthew Swann 57, Andy Daniels 52, Callum Robertson 4-37, Chris Perry 4-38) by 42 runs

Division Two

Earls Barton 73 all out (Ryan Gavin 4-26, Chris Stoker 4-31) lost to Thrapston 74-9 (Charlie Lawrence 5-49, Matthew Desborough 4-23) by one wicket

Great Houghton 190-5 (Luke McAfee 53) lost to Weldon 192-7 (Luke Cummins 99no) by three wickets

Old 121 all out (Ben Turner 45) lost to Peterborough IIs 124-3 (Kyle Metcalf 60) by seven wickets

Rothwell Town 128 all out lost to Isham & WI 129-5 (Dominic Barritt 46no) by five wickets

St Crispin & Ryelands 247-8 (Ashley Starmer 68) beat Heyford 173 all out (Edward Fowler 96, Jake Spencer 4-45) by 74 runs

Old Grammarians 155 all out lost to Kettering Town 157-1 (Nathan Wills 60no) by nine wickets

Division Three

Bowden 134 all out (Matthew Jones 4-6) lost to Overstone Park IIs 194-8 (Hitesh Patel 66) by 60 runs

Brixworth IIs 166 all out (Fred Newborough 57) lost to Wollaston IIs 170-1 (Steve Musgrave 88no, Simon Driver 63no) by nine wickets

Geddington 218-7 (Chris Harrison 83, Steve Toseland 75) beat Poddington 217 all out (John Humphreys 55) by one run

Old Northamptonians IIIs 153-4 (Jamie Dunk 57no) beat Isham & WI IIs 149 all out (Simon Court 44, Brad Richardson 4-18) by six wickets

Oundle IIs 143 all out (Guy Bolsover 43) lost to Northampton Saints 145-4 by six wickets

Rushden & Higham IIs 216-9 (Mayur Odedra 70) lost to Irchester (Harry Green 117, Joe Morton 52) 256-7 by 40 runs

Division Four

Bold Dragoon 101-2 (Tom Drake 49) beat St Crispin & Ryelands 99 all out by eight wickets

Great Oakley 204 all out (James Hurrell 58) lost to Stony Stratford IIs 222-8 (Chris Swain 112, Aaron Bell 4-45) by 18 runs

Harlestone 150 all out (Fahad Ahmed 78, Owen West 5-30) beat Wellingborough IIs 99 all out by 51 runs

Horton House IIs 252-8 (Thomas Knibbs 72) beat Spencer Bruerne 248-4 (Joe Collins 119) by two wickets

S&L Corby 130-9 (Alenon Phillip 6-19) lost to Carrib United 217-8 (Wilf Paris 82) by 87 runs

Division Five

Bugbrooke 131-8 beat Yelvertoft 130 all out (Andrew O’Neill 50no, George Briddon 4-28) by two wickets

Cogenhoe 298-2 (Darren Harrison 160no, Gareth Goddard 81) beat Irthlingborough Town IIs 107 all out by 191 runs

Kempston Hammers 164-8 (Gavin Howson 63) beat Burton Latimer IIs 135 all out (Alan Sewell 43) by 29 runs

Kettering IIs 177-8 beat Bedford 91 all out (David York 5-31) by 86 runs

Weekley & Warkton IIs 236-5 beat Loddington & Mawsley IIs 235-8 by five wickets

Division Six

Mears Ashby 177-7 lost to Stony Stratford IIs 240-5 (Asad Awan 79, Andy Holmes 75) by 63 runs

Saints IIs 217-8 (Mohsin Ahmed 54, Adam Kerfoot 4-38) beat Rothwell IIs 174 all out (Jamie Hart 48) by 43 runs

Podington IIs 196-8 (Alan Coleman 48) lost to Desborough IIs 199-8 (Matt Gibbs 63) by two wickets

Sun Hardingstone 60-3 beat S&L Corby IIs 59 all out by seven wickets

Thrapston IIs 226-8 (Braeden Bettles 45, Laurie Carter 4-42) beat Earls Barton IIs 101 all out (Oliver Bennett 5-17) by 125 runs

Division Seven

Dunchurch & Bilton 206-3 (Matty Garrett 106no) beat Barton Seagrave 139 all out (Matthew Hourigan 4-38) by 67 runs

Gretton 59 all out (Stuart Gilmour 7-10) lost to Old IIs 63-4 by six wickets

Heyford IIs 116 all out (Sunil Bhatt 4-33) lost to Overstone Park IIIs 210 all out (Tarun Raheja 50) by 94 runs

Isham & WI IIIs 205-5 (Hari Patel 43) beat Old Grammarians IIs 198 all out (Tyler Abraham 42) by seven runs

Old Northamptonians IVs 166-8 (Richard Ingman 61, Freddie Wilson 4-33) beat Bowden IIs 162-7 (Daniel Wenlock 53) by two wickets

Division Eight

Brigstock IIs 77-0 (Ian Sharp 41no) beat Raunds IIs 76 all out (George Butler 4-20, Sat Singh 4-10) by 10 wickets

Bugbrooke IIs 52 all out (Neil Ruppelt 5-24) lost to Haddon IIs 55-1 by nine wickets

Horton House IIIs 80-3 beat Geddington IIIs 79 all out (George Pitt 4-16) by seven wickets

Long Buckby IIs 109 all out lst to Great Houghton IIs 117 all out by eight runs

Weldon IIs 113 all out beat St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs 76 all out (Steven Milson 5-17) by 37 runs

Division Nine

Abington Phoenix 91 all out (Colin Scott 5-25) lost to Braunston Paddox 166 all out (Kieren Bennett 65) by 75 runs

Finedon Dolben IVs 117-7 (Tim McMillan 5-12) beat Kettering IIIs 116 all out (Daniel Morse 4-13) by three wickets

Irchester IIs 68 all out (Jamie Hartnett 5-8) beat Sun Hardingstone IIs 53 all out (Samirkumar Patel 6-11) by 15 runs

Kislingbury Temperance IIs 99-9 beat Wollaston IIIs 98 all out (Simon Bryant 32no, Will Ward 5-16) by one wicket

Division 10

Brixworth IIIs 255-4 (Joseph Stirling 83, Robert Dow 59) beat Grange Park 188 all out (John Mason 70, Fraser Roper 4-37) by 67 runs

Obelisk IIs 165 all out (Stuart Schofield 58, Liam Morrissey 5-19) beat Cogenhoe IIs 56 all out (Simon Smith 4-23) by 109 runs

Oundle Town IIIs 198 all out (Gavin Clay 52) beat Rushden & Higham IIIs 168 all out by 30 runs

St Michael’s 183-3 (Matthew Collier 64, Ian Geddes 53) beat Harlestone IIs 182-6 (Robert Hartgroves 56) by seven wickets

Wellingborough IIIs 165-8 (Imran Yousuf 56, Bill Cradock 4-28) beat Burton Latimer IIIs 126 all out by 39 runs

Division 11

Barby IIIs 190 all out (Ben Elliot-Brown 4-34, Chris Burdett 4-70) beat Thrapston IIIs 174 all out (Ewan Scholtz 65) by 16 runs

Geddington IVs 30 all out lost to Bold Dragoon IIs 190-8 (Mike Chew 47, Alex Rowden 5-38) by 160 runs

Kettering IVs 203 all out (Christopher Barton 54, Guiseppe Massimo 53) beat Mears Ashby IIs 163-8 (Chris Beaton 49, Vishal Sharma 4-22) by 40 runs

Spencer Bruerne IIs 92-9 (Grant de Kock 4-6) lost to Weekley & Warkton IIIs 93-6 (Alfie Napier 44, Guy Morgan 6-19) by four wickets

Stony Stratford IVs 115-9 (Andy Preston 43, James Aldis 5-28) lost to Old IIIs 121-7 by three wickets

Division 12

Barton Seagrave IIs 153-7 lost to Saints IIIs 155-6 (Dave Shardlow 40, Joe Squires 4-28) by four wickets

Carrib United IIs 104-3 (Bilal Khan 42no) beat Bugbrooke IIIs 103 all out by seven wickets

Irthlingborough IIIs 55 all out (Sean Thornton 4-21) lost to Willoughby IIs 297-7 (Michael Deery 103no, Ian Andrews 52, Matt Cartridge 51) by 242 runs

Old Grammarians IIIs 105-9 lost to Great Oakley IIs 106-6 (Amit Ganatra 4-12) by four wickets

Division 13

Braunston Paddox IIs 136 all out (Simon Stapley 72) lost to Pytchley 195-6 (Joe Daniel 78, Stephen Bounds 59) by 59 runs

S&L Corby IIIs 79 all out lost to Brixworth IVs 139 all out (Lewis Perrin 62) by 60 runs

Stony Stratford Vs 76-8 lost to Haddon IIIs 186-6 (Steve Wakeford 45no) by 110 runs

Thrapston IVs 103 all out (Mitchell Boffin 4-25) lost to Horton House IVs 295-6 (Graham Harris 96, Finlay Moffatt 57, Ella Foster 4-41) by 192 runs

Weldon IIIs 153-2 (Matthew Hay 99) lost to Dunchurch & Bilton IIs 154-8 by two wickets

Division 14

Burton Latimer IVs 117 all out lost to Abington Phoenix IIs 197 all out (Rosbin Rajan 61, Deepakraj Supranha 52) by 80 runs

Haddon IVs 143-9 beat Rushton IIs 82 all out by 61 runs

Isham & WI IVs 124-3 (Nithya Babu 42) beat Heyford IIIs 123-9 (Frankie Fowler 40, Steven Rolf 5-22) by seven wickets

Overstone Park IVs 90-0 (Alistair Mair 55no) beat Barton Seagrave IIIs 89 all out (Aditey Allamn 4-11) by 10 wickets


Saturday, May 8

Premier Division: Brigstock v Finedon Dolben, Brixworth v Desborough Town, Geddington v Peterborough Town, Horton House v Overstone Park, Oundle Town v Old Northamptonians.

Division One: Finedon Dolben IIs v Irthlingborough Town, Haddon v Wollaston, Kislingbury v Burton Latimer, Long Buckby v Wellingborough Town, Old Northamptonians IIs v Stony Stratford, Weekley & Warkton v Loddington & Mawsley.

Division Two: Heyford v Great Houghton, Isham & WI v Earls Barton, Kettering Town v Rothwell Town, Peterborough Town IIs v Wellingborough OGs, Thrapston v St Crispin & Ryelands, Weldon v Old.

Division Three: Irchester v Bowden, Isham & WI IIs v Brixworth IIs, Northampton Saints v Old Northamptonians IIIs, Overstone Park IIs v Geddington IIs, Podington v Oundle Town IIs, Wollaston IIs v Rushden & Higham Town IIs.

Division Four: Carrib United v Harlestone, Finedon Dolben IIIs v Horton House IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Bold Dragoon, St Crispin & Ryelands IIs v S&L Corby, Stony Stratford IIs v Raunds Town, Wellingborough Town IIs v Great Oakley.

Division Five: Bedford v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Burton Latimer IIs v Rushton, Irthlingborough Town IIs v Bugbrooke, Loddington & Mawsley IIs v Cogenhoe, MK Air v Kettering Town IIs, Yelvertoft v Kempston Hammers.

Division Six: Desborough Town IIs v Sun Hardingstone, Earls Barton IIs v Mears Ashby, Rothwell Town IIs v Willoughby, S&L Corby IIs v Thrapston IIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Northampton Saints IIs.

Division Seven: Barton Seagrave v Gretton, Bowden IIs v Heyford IIs, Old IIs v Old Northamptonians IVs, Overstone Park IIIs v Isham & WI IIIs, Wellingborough OGs IIs v Dunchurch & Bilton.

Division Eight: Geddington IIIs v Brigstock IIs, Great Houghton IIs v Horton House IIIs, Haddon IIs v Weldon IIs, Raunds Town IIs v Bugbrooke IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs v Long Buckby IIs.

Division Nine: Braunston Paddox v Irchester IIs, Kettering Town IIIs v MK Air IIs, Sun Hardingstone IIs v Kislingbury IIs, Wollaston IIIs v Finedon Dolben IVs.

Division 10: Burton Latimer IIIs v St Michaels, Cogenhoe IIs v Wellingborough Town IIIs, Grange Park v Oundle Town IIIs, Harlestone IIs v Brixworth IIIs, Rushden & Higham Town IIIs v Obelisk IIs.

Division 11: Barby IIIs v Weekley & Warkton IIIs, Bold Dragoon IIs v Spencer Bruerne IIs, Mears Ashby IIs v Geddington IVs, Old IIIs v Kettering Town IVs, Thrapston IIIs v Stony Stratford IVs.

Division 12: Bugbrooke IIIs v Irthlingborough Town IIIs, Great Oakley IIs v Barton Seagrave IIs, Old Northamptonians Vs v Wellingborough OGs IIIs, Willoughby IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IVs.

Division 13: Brixworth IVs v Braunston Paddox IIs, Dunchurch & Bilton IIs v Thrapston IVs, Haddon IIIs v Weldon IIIs, Horton House IVs v S&L Corby IIIs, Pytchley v Stony Stratford Vs.

Division 14: Abington Phoenix IIs v Kettering Town Vs, Heyford IIIs v Burton Latimer IVs, Rushton IIs v Overstone Park IVs.

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