Indian trip for County batting trio as preparations intensify

Stephen Peters will use a week in India to get ready for the upcoming seasonStephen Peters will use a week in India to get ready for the upcoming season
Stephen Peters will use a week in India to get ready for the upcoming season
Stephen Peters, David Murphy and Alex Wakely will fine tune their preparations for the upcoming domestic season with a week on the sub-continent.

The trio, who have funded the trip themselves, are heading to Bangalore in India during the half-term week for some intensive batting practice.

And Peters admitted he is excited by the excursion.

He said: “By all accounts there will be bowlers on tap and our plan is to spend as much time as we can batting.

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“It’s the one Test-playing country that I haven’t played cricket in so personally it’s an itch that needed scratching.

“There’s only so much you can do indoors and I’m looking forward to it.”

Peters, with the best part of two decades worth of professional cricket behind him, knows exactly what needs to be done to get his game in order and playing on grass, regardless of where it might be, is always his preferred choice.

He continued: “I find that I get into bad habits indoors, camping on theback foot a bit and driving balls that I wouldn’t do outside.

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“In the winter, I initialy like doing some work on the bowling machine but then I’d rather do as much outdoor batting as possible.”

With Peters’ sphere of influence incorporating the four-day aspect of the County’s season, he is content with the plans that are in place, including both the trip to Barbados and the warm-up cricket that will be played prior to the season getting under way on April 13.

A strong start to the year last time out formed the foundations for a very successful summer and Peters is adamant that the same needs to be produced in the higher division.

“We’ve had a chat about the pre-season stuff and it will all be geared towards the first six weeks of the season which are all red ball cricket,” he said.

“I think it’s important that we concentrate heavily on that becuase last year it was one of the keys to the good season we had.

“It’s vital that we start well and that’s what we’ll be aiming to do.”

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