This is how to get cinema tickets for under £2.50

If you buy a couple packs of Skittles you can claim free cinema tickets (Photo: Shutterstock)If you buy a couple packs of Skittles you can claim free cinema tickets (Photo: Shutterstock)
If you buy a couple packs of Skittles you can claim free cinema tickets (Photo: Shutterstock)

The cost of a visit to the cinema can quickly build up, but here's how to save money on your tickets.

From the growing sizes of popcorn containers to the VIP seats, the cinema is no longer the cheap day out it once was.

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But thanks to confectionery giant Mars (the makers behind sweets like Malteasers, M&M's and Skittles) a trip to the silver screen is about to become a lot more affordable.

Sweet Sunday is a promotional offer that will allow you to claim a free ticket, and all you have to do is buy at least two of their products.

How to get cheap cinema tickets

In order to claim a free ticket, then you have to collect 10 ‘stars’ from promotional packs of Mars sweets.

But not all packs are worth the same. Family sized packs and ‘more to share’ pouches are actually worth five stars each, making it easier to justify getting even more chocolate.

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Standard size confectionery pouches are only worth two stars each.

Currently on Tesco's website, large packs of Skittles and Starburst are on offer for only £1 each, which means you could get a cinema ticket for only £2.

When does the deal start?

The deal doesn't officially start until 22 May, however promotional packs have started appearing in stores already, so if you do come across one then hold onto the packaging after you've finished your sweet treats.

Once the Sweet Sundays website is up and running, keen cinema-goers can redeem their tickets by heading to the website and entering the promo code on the packaging.

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An e-ticket code will then be emailed to you which will then be presented at the cinema box office.

The small print

Like all promotional offers, this one comes with some terms and conditions.

The deal will run from 22 May to 7 August, and you'll be able to claim your tickets up until 25 August.

As the name suggests, tickets claimed through Sweet Sunday are only available on Sundays.

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Only two free cinema tickets are available to be claimed at one time per person, so you'll need to spread out the offer - but that just means you get to go to the cinema more.

Check that your nearest cinema is participating before heading out to see the latest blockbuster - some cinemas involved in the promo include Cineworld, IMAX Playhouse and Showcase Cinemas.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Edinburgh Evening News

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