This interactive map shows every public toilet currently open in the UK

By Alex Watson
Tuesday, 23rd June 2020, 3:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd June 2020, 3:54 pm
This new tool could help you when nature calls (Photo: Shutterstock)
This new tool could help you when nature calls (Photo: Shutterstock)

A new website dedicated to cataloguing every public toilet currently open in the UK could be just the thing to save you when nature calls.

Created by brothers, Thomas and Charles Riley, Lockdown Loo features an interactive map with close to 3,000 public toilets listed, at time of writing.

Many public toilets have been temporarily closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and this site allows users to search for facilities that are currently open near them, should they need to relieve themselves while out and about.


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    It relies on members of the public sharing their local knowledge and submitting information about public toilets open near them.

    The Lockdown Loo mission statement reads, "This website is only as useful as the information we are supplied. If you know of toilets which are open - whether they are at pubs, stations, cafes or in a public park - please SUBMIT them. We are also monitoring council updates and speaking to businesses."

    How to submit a 'loo-cation'

    First, check the website's map to make sure the toilet you are submitting is not already listed.

    In order to submit a 'loo-cation', you will need to provide the specific location of the public toilet. You will also need to describe the facilities. For example, explaining how many toilets were available when you visited, opening hours, whether you had to wait long, and if the facilities are clean socially distanced.

    There are also optional tick boxes to indicate if there are baby changing facilities available, as well as disabled access.

    Finally, tell Lockdown Loo where in the UK you are.

    At the moment, the most northerly public loo listed is in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, and the most southerly is in the village of Coverack in Cornwall.