The lockdown's effect on dating and relationships - Alone Together podcast

This episode of Alone Together looks at the effects on dating and relationships (photo: Shutterstock)
This episode of Alone Together looks at the effects on dating and relationships (photo: Shutterstock)

The landscape of love has changed just as much as everything else has during the pandemic.

Couples have been forced to make the choice to move in together or spend the lockdown apart, while those who are still looking for that special someone have had to get creative with Zoom calls or Facetime.

The Alone Together podcast is back for a second series, and this episode explores the changes to dating and relationships over the past few extraordinary months.

Listen to the episode in full:

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    According to a new report from Relate and eHarmony, over a third of couples (36 per cent) agree that two months in isolation feels equivalent to two years of commitment.

    Dee Holmes, senior practice consultant at Relate, who works in the area of couple counselling, discusses the findings, and offers tips for the new couples in “turbo-relationships”.

    She advises: "Talk about the expectations you have, don't make assumptions, communicate what you're thinking and feeling, and ask the other person what they're thinking and feeling.

    “Be considerate of other people's opinions, and really listen and accept them."

    The lockdown has also seen more people try online dating with sign-ups to sites such as eHarmony, increasing by half.

    Rachael Lloyd, relationship expert at eHarmony, explains how the lockdown has affected the way we date – and why those who are single should not give up on finding love.

    She said: "If you stick at online dating and want a meaningful relationship, just persist and keep a sense of humour, because you will eventually find love. I believe there's someone for everyone. Stay positive."

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