JLS are hosting a free concert for NHS ‘health heroes as part of comeback tour - here’s how to get tickets

Everything you need to know about the NHS concert by JLS (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)Everything you need to know about the NHS concert by JLS (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)
Everything you need to know about the NHS concert by JLS (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

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As NHS and emergency staff across the UK work hard to keep the public safe during the Covid-19 outbreak, a number of music acts have announced free concerts to show their appreciation.

Following concert announcements from Liam Gallagher, Rick Astley and Fatboy Slim, JLS is the latest to confirm a free gig for NHS staff.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the event, and how to get tickets.

Why is JLS hosting a free concert?

Like many other musicians, JLS have announced a free concert for the NHS and healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to keep the public safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Posting on their official Instagram account, JLS wrote: “We are excited to announce that we are adding a free NHS show to our Beat Again Tour. We want to thank the NHS and the frontline hospital staff the best way we know how.

“This will be a day to celebrate and honour you and your dedication to the health of the nation.”

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Ortise Williams, one of the singers in JLS, said: “I have always championed and extended my gratitude to the NHS at every opportunity possible, from the way that the incredible nurses had supported my mother through her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

“I am so incredibly proud that my JLS brothers and I are able to come together, to put on a special show for all the NHS superheroes on the frontline.”

Where and when is the concert?

The concert will take place at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham on Saturday 28 November 2020 at 2:30pm.

You can read more about getting to the venue on the Resorts World Arena website.

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How do I get tickets?

Tickets will be available to claim online from 6pm on Wednesday 22 April.

You’ll need to visit the Ticket Factory website to claim your tickets.

Tickets are limited to two per person, and only NHS or Frontline staff are eligible, but they are entitled to bring one guest.

Ticket applications must only be made by NHS staff who are able to present valid NHS or Primary Care Trust I.D cards, or staff I.D cards.

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These must be the original cards, photocopied versions won’t be accepted.

If you are able to secure tickets, but find that you are no longer able to attend, or that you’ve made the booking in error as you’re not an NHS worker, you should contact the Ticket Factory to arrange a cancellation of those tickets in order to make them available to other eligible staff.

JLS have other concerts going on in December, and these tickets are available to buy currently - these are not the tickets you need for the NHS concert, so be sure when applying for tickets that you’ve selected the 28 November concert at 2:30pm, titled: “JLS - A Free Concert for the NHS & Frontline Staff”.

Who is eligible to claim tickets?

The Ticket Factory states that tickets are available for “NHS frontline staff that work within NHS hospitals across the United Kingdom” and states that this list includes, but is not limited to:

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- Doctors- Nurses- Support workers- Ambulance staff- Fire services- Police staff- Porters and cleaners

“Any staff that work within the hospital will be eligible to apply for tickets,” the website states.