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A 77-million-year-old skeleton of a Gorgosaurus is set to go up for auction later this month.

The dinosaur skeleton was found back in 2018 in the Judith River Formation in Montana, USA. It measures nearly 3m tall and 6.7m long! Palaeontologists believe the dino could have been faster and fiercer than its famous relative, the T-rex.

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All other known Gorgosaurus skeletons are kept in museums, making this one very special. Auction house Sotheby's predicts the giant dino could sell for between£4.1 million to £6.5 million!

The impressive skeleton is set to go on public display in New York, before being auctioned in 28 July.


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By Pears Family School, London

Pupils were set a challenge to raise money for Ukrainian refugees after a class conversation about the war in the news. (pictured below)

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Each student wanted to raise money in a different way, one that showed their individual talents and strengths, so they could make the highest amounts possible whilst having fun.

Five students planned their own fundraisers. We had a sponsored swim, sponsored silence, art commissions and a bake sale. In total, we raised a huge amount of  £411.38!


World Athletics Championships

15-24 July

The Championships are heading to the United States for the first time ever! The best track and field athleted in the world will be heading to Oregon to battle it out for the top titles.

The Big Butterfly Count

15 July- 7 August

The world's biggest survey of butterflies is back, with thousands of people expected to join in! The event helps to raise awareness of the wild butterflies in danger in Britain.

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