Almost three quarters of parents have been told off by their children for not behaving in an environmentally friendly manner, research has revealed

A survey of 1,000 mums and dads with children aged five to 16 looked at how educated families are on the environment and sustainable living.

It emerged almost 72 per cent of grown-ups have been criticised by their kids for acting in a non-eco-friendly manner for reasons such as using too much water, not buying organic food and not recycling.

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Parents knowledge is lacking

The survey, by HiPP Organic, also found that one fifth (20 per cent) of parents consider themselves as having ‘little’ to ‘no’ awareness about eco-friendly practises.

And more than half of parents (57 per cent) admit their children know more about sustainable living than they do.

Recycling (44 per cent) global warming (35 per cent) and pollution (28 per cent) are the issues parents are least knowledgeable about.

However, since lockdown almost half (47 per cent) of families have a newfound appreciation for nature.

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The findings suggest youngsters are so clued up that over half (52 per cent) of all parents have been taught something new about the changing environment by their children, with kids becoming aware of environmental issues as young as 5 years old (12 per cent).

HiPP Organic conducted the research to coincide with the release of ‘Where The Little Things Are’, – a ‘plantable’ book about nature that grows into a natural habitat.

The book, aimed at children up to three years old, tells the story of three creatures – a worm, a bee and a hedgehog – and the role they play in helping the environment on HiPP’s organic farms.

And parents and children can gently tear off the seeded paper cover and plant it in the garden, with the seeds specially chosen to grow into plants that help to sustain wildlife featured in the book.

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Stefan Hipp, CEO and one of the fourth-generation family owners of HiPP Organic, said: “We’re delighted to see such a keen interest from children to learn how to protect the environment, and we hope that their ‘pester power’ will encourage parents to follow suit.

“We hope the book will encourage both adults and children to do what they can to protect the environment and preserve the nature around them.

“The special seeded paper allows families to discover and learn from nature first-hand and enables all family members to come together to discover more about nature in a fun and unique way.”

HiPP Organic is a sustainable baby feeding brand that works with nature to farm its products.

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With the help of bees, worms, hedgehogs and other animals, the food is farmed organically, and the brand is working towards a sustainable future for all.

Newfound love for the outdoors

The organic food brand’s research also revealed that since lockdown, more than three quarters (82 per cent) of parents said their newfound love for the outdoors has caused them to think more about their personal impact on environmental issues such as recycling and air pollution.

More information is available at, and by following @iamalisonperry, @OurTinyDiaries, @fizzypeaches and @HiPPOrganicUK on Instagram.

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