6 apps and tech innovations that could help you find your dream job

There are a multitude of apps and tech innovations out there designed to help people find their dream job. (Shutterstock)There are a multitude of apps and tech innovations out there designed to help people find their dream job. (Shutterstock)
There are a multitude of apps and tech innovations out there designed to help people find their dream job. (Shutterstock)

Looking for work can be a stressful experience, and may even end up feeling like a full-time job in itself.

With a global pandemic throwing the nation into a recession, job hunting has become quite a lot harder for many. However, there are a multitude of apps and tech innovations out there designed to help people find not just their next job, but their dream one.

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Ready for Business

One such innovation is Ready For Business (R4B), a digital platform created by techentrepreneur and ex Silicon Valley executive, Dave Evans, during lockdown.

The platform specifically helps people from deprived backgrounds come together with business experts who can mentor, motivate and guide them in their chosen career.

Whether it's the music industry, life sciences or manufacturing, R4B aims to provide a vital link between aspiring, talented youngsters and accomplished professionals.

Barclays Life Skills

R4B was also co-founded by Laura Jordan Bambach, who spearheaded Barclays Life Skills.

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Barclays Life Skills is a digital source for all things self improvement, offering three main ‘hubs’ to choose from, including the educator hub, the young people's hub and the business hub.

It also has a section for adults, under the title ‘changing worklife’, which provides articles on “skills for the workplace” which are aimed to help you “find tips and guidance” in order to “improve your career prospects.”

It also features a CV builder to help you ensure you are putting your best self forward in your applications.


LinkedIn offers a sleek all in one job-search, giving you the chance to virtually network with people in your industry, discover industry related news, keep up to date with specific companies’ job postings through tailored notifications, as well as searching for jobs more generally.

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However, the tool is also widely used by recruiters, so they can find you, instead of you doing all the hard work.

After setting up your account, make sure to add your CV history to your profile and change it to “open to job opportunities”, which will make you visible to recruiters and allow you to be sent news of opportunities straight to your InMail box.


When you are unemployed you can sometimes feel like you are on a tight deadline to get your next role. Hirewire is an app that aims to get you a job in 24 hours.

Hirewire has worked to streamline the job hunting process and make it as efficient as possible.

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Instead of asking you to merely upload a CV, it asks you to build an interactive profile to let employers check you out, and gain a fuller picture of who you are. It also has built-in tools for scheduling interviews, and video and text chat with local businesses.

Career Builder

CareerBuilder.com is a digital platform which facilitates the job hunt, and it also has its very own app.

With an easy to use interface, the app gives users instant access to millions of job postings where they can filter searches by a range of needs, such as qualifications and salary expectations.

It is compatible with Android and Apple devices, and can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play store.

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Indeed.com is a well known job searching website that also boasts its own app. The app has proved popular among job seekers with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from nearly 1.2 million reviewers in the App store.

Its functions are fairly similar to the website, giving users the ability to search for millions of postings in seconds with the use of a keyword and location, and the ability to apply for a role with the click of a button.

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