Wind farms approved - your views

SO it’s not just turkeys that get stuffed for Christmas - the villagers of Watford, Boddington and Naseby do as well!

Mr Kay of Weedon certainly puts the argument into some sort of context, with his comments regarding the recent wind turbine fire (whilst omitting any mention of the neighbouring pylon which was blown over in the same storm), emphasising the rarity of such events, which I suppose must include blade failure and ice-throw from such structures.

However, I wonder if anyone knows how many wind turbines exist in the world – one million? Ten million?

The odds against winning the National Lottery is somewhere in the region of 14 million to one and it is usual for at least one person to get those elusive six numbers twice a week. Looking at the probability of failure of the wind turbines, many are of fairly recent construction so unlikely to suffer catastrophic failure. But as the turbines age, more failures are likely as components wear. So, whilst such events are currently rare, they are likely to become more common in time.

The reason so many people are upset by the granting on appeal of the three schemes is simply that so many people affected objected to their construction.

The Watford Lodge scheme appears to provide an interesting blueprint for planning permission. The way to do it is, initially, fail to provide all the required information so the application is deferred. Then, when you attend the planning meeting, change your submission significantly on the fly (in the case of Watford Lodge the route to be taken by the components) then, when the application is rejected, immediately appeal where the scheme is likely to be passed, bypassing any local consultation over the major changes to the scheme.

If a proposal to build a nuclear plant near Weedon to cover times wind power is not available is made, may we expect Mr Kay’s full and unstinting support of such a scheme? If not, would this not smack of double standards?

Perhaps, then, he might understand why so many people are so upset over these schemes.

David Krampf

Watford (1250m from Watford Lodge site and 800m from proposed Watford Gap services site).

GOSH I hate Nimbys. It seems that any planning application for anything brings out a storm of protest that the fabric of their lives is going to be ripped out from them.

So the news that the wind farm applications have been granted against a storm of local protest is good news right?

Wrong! Unlike houses and roads and expansions to businesses or the odd graveyard, wind farms are just a complete waste of money and are only there because some fools believe that all the global warming is down to us humans, and laughingly, that sticking these stupid windmills up we can somehow prevent this.

I would not mind, and would likely support them if I thought for a minute they were any use, but all I see is a big tax collecting blot on the landscape that makes my utility bills so high that I feel compelled to switch my heating off in winter and wear a coat in the house.

I would complain to my MP but seems he is as peeved about this as I am.

Adrian Deeks

Ashby Fields