Why were old trees felled?

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I was pleased to read that the former Ford Sports and Social Club site may provide 760 new jobs – I hope this happens.

It was also gratifying that Gazely UK has considered the environmental habitats and is going to screen the site by planting of trees.

This makes it difficult to understand why their first action in acquiring the site was to fell all the existing trees.

Many of these were planted by club members as the result of a ‘Plant a Tree in ‘83 Campaign’ and had reached maturity, including a magnificent American red oak planted by my late parents.

Why do developers always want to start with a blank empty site? Surely some of the felled trees could have been retained as the screen for the road or as embellishments for the car/lorry park.

The apple trees in the former farmhouse orchard on the site were at least 100 years old and still fruiting!

Lets hope this development is as productive and long lasting.

Bob Lowe

Banbury Lane,