Where is space for expansion?

Daventry campus of Northampton College
Daventry campus of Northampton College

I attended the Daventry Town Council meeting on the evening of February 23, the reason for attending was to listen to the presentation that was to be made by representatives from Northampton College and from Alliance Planning regarding the proposed plans for the Badby Road West site.

The representative for the college stated that the 15 per cent drop in year-on-year attendance since the take over in 2004 made the college unsustainable and that the building was no longer fit for purpose.

It seems unlikely that there could be a 15 per cent drop year on year without their being no students left to attend and as for the building no longer being fit for purpose, it seems fairly obvious that it has been allowed to deteriorate into it’s current condition as the land was always theoretically earmarked for sale.

When asked about the potential for the new college building’s future expansion as Daventry grows they stated that there would be some scope along the fringes of the proposed site; anyone who has viewed the proposals can see that there will be no space for future expansion and this question left the representatives stumbling as any expansion plans have clearly not been considered.

The consultation has taken none of the local residents’ comments or concerns into consideration, in fact since the consultation an area of wet land, to allow for any site flooding, has been added which will be both a hazard to children and is another large amount of usable open space taken away from residents.

No consideration has been made for the residents of Gable Close or the Grovelands whose properties will be overlooked by the new development and there seems to have been very little consideration to the increased level of traffic and the impact that this will have on the established wild life and protected bats residing in the local trees and hedge rows. The college should either refurbish the current buildings and reinstate the swimming pool and recreational facilities at the site or redevelop the site purely for education and recreation only rather than building houses that can not be sustained by the local infrastructure and that will take away the main area of open green space on this side of Daventry that has been freely used for many years, without challenge, by local residents.

David Lee