What’s the point in consulting

An artist impression of Mickle Well Park
An artist impression of Mickle Well Park

I have been a Daventry Town Councillor since 2008 and here is my personal view.

The town council is a statutory consultee and over the years has submitted comments on consultations such as the joint core strategy , Daventry 2040 and Daventry and Rural Settlement’s plan.

These documents are to help shape Daventry for the future so our town prospers, so when the inspector passed the joint core strategy document last November why now some three month’s later go against it by allowing planning permission for 450 houses in an area not supported by that document?

We can argue on the five-year land supply, 4,000 homes are to be built on Churchfields –the Daventry ‘sustainable extension’.

Now I might not be a builder myself but I know for sure you couldn’t build that many in five years.

Daventry 2040 plan, a boundary park to the north of the town with Dantree Wood on the hill of the land where 450 houses are now going to be built – was that consultation also worth contributing to?

If like myself you start to think is it worth “Making our voices heard” because no one seems to be listening, don’t be surprised if before 2020 we are welcoming a wind farm on Borough Hill.

After all this, pods might not be a daft thing after all – at least we would have a direct route to pie in the sky. Or are we being sold down the river? Otherwise known as Daventry Canal Arm.

Oh, I should be quiet now, elections coming up soon, let’s rush through everything before then – we won’t have to worry about the electorate as it’ll be too late for your vote to make a difference. Localism works, aye!

Steve Tubb