Views on Daventry economy blinkered

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I would like to respond to Colin Poole’s letter (February 27) praising the Daventry District economic Micro-Climate.

For his “inward investment, employment opportunity” read “huge areas of countryside covered in warehouses and more LGVs polluting the air and destroying the roads for the sake of a small number of low paid jobs”.For “additional retail” I would refer readers to S. Harrison’s letter (in the same edition), commenting on the new retail park in Daventry.The “negative group” may be justified in complaining about “loss of open green space”. As Daventry grows it needs more green space, Mr Poole’s statement that they are “unused” is a nonsense, one has only to enjoy their presence to be using them.The outdoor pool and pitch and putt were closed after poor management made them unusable, then closing them because they were underused.

He calls misleading statistics to his aid quoting the area unemployment to be 2.1%. This figure is probably the percentage claiming “job seekers allowance” a much smaller figure than the unemployed. A more revealing statistic may be the average income in Daventry as most jobs in Daventry are low paid ones.I would like to assure Mr Poole that no-one thinks more highly of Daventry District Council’s performance than he does.

Bill Adams



Missing the true picture

In noting Daventry’s achievements, Colin Poole (27 February) fails to mention that Daventry now also has a food bank and lots of people needing its services. Is that really progress? And is Mr Poole and our council still talking about a canal in Daventry (even if they describe it as a ‘waterspace’) because of the state of our roads?

Richard Buck



How did this happen?

With all this spending in Northamptonshire, we all wonder what’s going on. New bus station, new railway station, new homes, new this, new that.

Great we are really on the way up here in Northants aren’t we?

After all the fanfare regarding this bus station, within hours we have a log jam on its opening day, and there’s more than buses winging their way towards the fan, you have to laugh don’t you. I mean, how long did they have to plan, monitor and implement a new station that was fit for purpose? Seems this new station is far from it, surely it should be a go from the start, it’s a bus station, you’re not putting a man on the moon!

Being a regular rail traveller, I am now concerned that when the railway station opens a similar disaster awaits.

Crikey, who is in charge here, and who did they consult? A Good Idea at The Time UK Ltd?

Northamptonshire never ceases to amaze me.

Name and address supplied


Imitation is flattering

Imitation and plagiarism is in my opinion one of the highest forms of flattery. I refer to last week’s letter from Ken Richie and at the same time thank him for attending and listening intently while I put questions as a member of the public to the meeting of the district council. For clarification I actually said: “As each day goes by the town centre is being abused by the amount of illegal signs, clutter and rubbish. The street furniture hasn’t seen a coat of paint since the millennium. Street markings from the mini roundabout at St James Street through New Street are, in places, non-existent. Areas of the road surface in New Street, including the block paving, are in a poor state of repair”.Question. “May I be assured that the town centre conservation area is treated with the respect that the most progressive market town in England deserves and that the district council’s conservation and enforcement officers work in conjunction with whoever to reverse this downward trend?” Ken Ritchie signed his letter Labour candidate for Drayton. My sympathy goes out to the residents, yet another out-of-town candidate for the ward. Obviously nothing to do in his home village of Barby!

Colin Poole


A pleasure to witness

I would like to express my appreciation to the lads, and one lass, who kept me entertained performing at Daventry skatepark on Saturday afternoon. I had 40 minutes to spare so, seated on ‘Joe’s bench’ in the sunshine, I watched 40-odd lads and one lass ( why only one?) showing their skills and tricks on scooters, skateboards, in-line skates etc. There were no arguments amongst them and, fortunately, no accidents. It was a revelation and pleasure to watch. Pity about the litter! Being of mature years my personal experience of skating was the old-fashioned four-wheeled metal variety!

My advice to other spectators seated on ‘Joe’s bench’ is keep your legs in, otherwise they may be mown down with skaters coming off and on to the facility at some speed!

Name and address supplied


Ashby Road race season!

To all Daventry racing enthusiasts, the new season on the Ashby Road race track has started, with speeds still in excess for cars of 50mph and 70mph for motorbikes, with the added excitement of overtaking cars between William Parker School and Burns Road. Twelve months ago Councillor Chris Long promised action of mini roundabouts (nothing) or a chicane (nothing). Our new councillor for this area, who fifty percent of people wouldn’t know, seems to be following a similar pattern.

N Lee

Ashby Road


A fantastic effort by all

Thank you to the members of Daventry Danetre Rotary Club for all their efforts in raising the amazing sum of £1,800 for Friends of 
Danetre Hospital at the Big Band Concert on Saturday evening. Also thank you to the residents who attended and made the atmosphere at the event so special and who also made donations of a further £78 on the night. The event was spectacular with Eric Darlington & The John Cleveland Band on top form.Thanks must also go to the Gusher for all the help given in publicising the event.

Chris Long