Town serves all our retail needs

Peter Luke, who was ticketed while parking at Northampton General Hospital
Peter Luke, who was ticketed while parking at Northampton General Hospital

Six months ago I decided that, wherever possible, I would try to use local shops and services. What an eye-opener.

I recently bought a new washing machine from a supplier in town. Not only did they match the best on-line price I could find but they installed the machine and took away the old, broken one free of charge. I sourced my new mobile phone from a small shop in Daventry. I got friendly and impartial advice and a contract that matched that of any of the major names in the business. I also visited an independent optician in town where I not only got great service but also two pairs of glasses for less than the big companies could offer me.

If you don’t want to see Daventry turn into a wasteland of charity shops, cheap take-aways and empty units I urge everyone to try shopping locally, and you, like me, will be pleasantly surprised.

Martin Day



Priorities All Wrong

Well, where to begin on this! (Driverless cars)

Yet another totally pointless and misguided waste of time in my optinion, just like the “pod” debacle.

What exactly are we as a town trying to achieve?

We have a town centre desperately lacking in any sort of incentive to visit unless you want to visit a charity shop or hairdressers. We keep adding more residential dwellings, yet fail to improve the grocery shopping on offer to compensate, meaning a commute away from Daventry to supermarkets elsewhere.

Daventry is in a great geographical location for commuting, yet we have no in-town rail link, just the minimalist Long Buckby station. If any sort of transport infrastructure project is needed, surely it is this? Just because something is free to DDC doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!

Simon Randall



Figures Are Misleading

I write in response to your article of January 2 (Government cuts Council’s funding), in particular the statement that the cut to Daventry District Council’s funding “is far greater than the national average announced before Christmas of 2.9%.”

I wish to clarify that the figure of 2.9% does not refer to a national average reduction in the settlement funding for each local authority. The figure refers to a reported national average reduction in ‘spending power’ by councils.

Spending power figures are very different to settlement figures – they are based on a wider number of public sector funding pots, which does include settlement funding, but also other grants including fire revenue, public health and NHS social care.

DDC’s main settlement funding will be 13.3% lower in 2014/15 than the present year – this is in line with the provisional figure of 13.8% reported to Council in December.

A funding reduction of 13.3% is similar to every other shire district authority in the country, with the average reduction for these types of councils for 2014/15 being 13.5%.

The 2014/15 funding settlement has not generated any great surprises for DDC. We have already made provision within our medium term financial plan to accommodate a reduced level of funding. This planned and prudent approach has held us in good stead and will minimise the impact of financial challenges on the many services we deliver to residents.

Councillor Liz Griffin

Deputy Leader,

Daventry District Council


Don’t Get Caught Out

Shoppers in Daventry should be aware of thieves using simple distraction techniques.

Having no English, a seemingly innocuous brief request for information, will enable an accomplice to complete the theft in 10 seconds flat.

That is all it took for me to be relieved of my purse in a supermarket on Saturday morning.

A similar fate almost befell a friend in a supermarket in Sussex on Saturday morning also !

My purse, complete with all my personal documents and trivia, but of course minus cash and debit card, was later returned to me by a very kind lady and her son, who found it discarded in a car park.

Mrs Andreeb Rodriguez



The Perfect Send Off

Last week I buried my wife Mrs Glenys Yates. The service was conducted by Cannon Michael Webber who did a lovely service for all the family and friends that attended at the church.

There were bagpipes playing outside the church so if anyone heard them they were for my wife’s last wish.

My wife lost her fight with cancer but the staff at Danetre Hospital did a wonderful job of caring for her in her final days. I really can’t thank them enough for what they did for her throughout the time she was there.

Also, Dr Davies and Linda at Abbey House Surgery were very supportive and wonderful, as were all the staff at Abbey House.

We had the burial at Welton Road Cemetery where all the family and friends attended. The bagpipes were playing Amazing Grace and the piper did a brilliant job.

We couldn’t have wished for a better send off for my wife. It was as perfect as it could be and how my wife wanted it to be.

I’m sure if she had seen it for herself she too would have wanted to thank each and everyone in attendance and for everything they have done for her.

Keith Yates