Thanks for taking up our campaign

This photo of Chesterton Windmill near Harbury was sent in by Michael Green.
This photo of Chesterton Windmill near Harbury was sent in by Michael Green.

It is brilliant news that Chris Heaton-Harris (Conservative MP for Daventry) is urging the Government to re-introduce cardiac services to Danetre Hospital as soon as possible.

I thank the people who took the time to sign the petition over the last few months, numbers of which were in excess of 1,300, which is a fantastic result and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Heaton-Harris for taking our issues of concern since the service for Cardia Rehad closed at Danetre earlier this year, to the House.
The campaign is continuing the gather momentum and I was pleased to meet the Healthwatch Advisory Team following an invitation by Heather Cagney to an Advisory Council meeting at The Abbey Centre on November 7, 2013. At this meeting issues regarding the closure of cardiac rehab at Danetre hospital were discussed and a representative of the Nene Clinical Commissioning Group, Nisha Patel, was present. A subsequent meeting was requested by Nisha on November 28 inviting Heather Cagney, myself and selected service users to discuss and outline problems which are now being experienced by patients following discharge from hospital for treatment of coronary heart disease.
Our third public meeting of the campaign is to be held at The Holiday Inn, Flore, on Wednesday, January 22, at 6.30pm and I do urge and welcome people who could support and strengthen our cause.

Viv Crouch

Chairperson, Daventry & District Heart Support Group


Oustanding service

I would like to add my own tribute to the late Councillor David Griffin. As well as his responsibilities for twelve long years as a District Councillor for Woodford Halse, he was also a great supporter and lover of our rich canal heritage in the Daventry District, which in his earlier days, had few other voices of support on the Council.

From the start of our Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rallies in 2003, he came every year, joining our official guests in the opening parade of boats - until his illness prevented him this year. He rang me shortly before that rally to apologise, cheerfully and bravely explaining his illness – the last time I spoke to him.

He didn’t just come to the rallies for the ride. He used them not only to support the Friends of Raymond in preserving this important Braunston-built wooden narrowboat for posterity, but also in promoting his ‘pet-project’, the building of the canal link into Daventry.

That link was on the original plan for the Grand Junction Canal in 1793, but never implemented due to pressure from the vested interests of local road carriers on the London-Hollyhead Turnpike through the town. (It then unbelievably ran through Sheaf Street!)

We provided David with a free stand space, and he and others would man it to promote the project.

Some of that link infrastructure is now in place, and the route secured.

Hopefully one day it will achieve fruition, as an important new leisure facility for the town, but also as a fitting monument to David’s endeavours and his outstanding commitment to public service.

Tim Coghlan

Managing Director, Braunston Marina Ltd


Developed, demolished

Councillor Collyer may be right to suspect DDC’s motives in turning the Eastern Way playing field into a quagmire. A bog sets it part way to becoming their marina.

DDC and their developers appear to see the words “develop” and “demolish” as synonymous.

The outdoor pool was “developed/demolished” into a car park. The working men’s club was “developed/demolished” into the Abbey Retail Park.

The library and its surroundings are to be “developed/demolished” into the Mulberry Place shopping centre. Councillor Eddis tells us that income from these new shops will pay for maintenance of the historic buildings which were “developed/demolished” in its construction.

To date the DDC’s record on “developed/demolished” is not good.

The Abbey Retail Park gave Daventry a cycle shop and car accessory shop, which we already had, a bed shop, which we already had, a hardware shop which we already had, a carpet shop, which we already had, a Chinese restaurant, which we already had, a hairdresser which we already had, a garden centre which we already had.

The designers of the Abbey Retail Park, in their wisdom, gave no vehicular access to the units opening on to Abbey Street. They also managed to get the steps along the front to go down in the opposite direction to the gradient.

Apart from the supermarket, which we already have three of, how many more of the above shop types will Daventry get from this latest round of “developed/demolished”?

Bill Adam



Why is fuel dearer here?

Could someone in Daventry please explain to me, why the price of petrol hasn’t fallen in line with all the other towns in the area?

Is there a reason for Daventry keeping the fuel at a higher price?

I noticed today the prices are £1.32/£1.33 a litre for unleaded fuel, which is 5p to 6p higher than Rugby.

Graham Pratt