Thank you to care stalwarts

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Last week saw the last of the residents moved from the Grange Care Home that has seen them re-homed at Evelyn Wright, Longlands and other specialist homes.

The closure of the Grange should not be allowed to close with a whimper to just fade away. It must go with a cannon blast of gratitude from Daventry’s community trumpet.

Many members of staff worked through family generations, others for up to 30 years, and over the years many local people have been carers at The Grange, or have contributed other skills, and all these are people who have never sought any recognition.

Thank you to all the staff past and present - we hope those that needed re-deployment have found it and we also hope that those who took retirement enjoy a well earned rest. My family has recent experience of the loving care at the Grange and we are very sorry to lose the facility.

A very fine part of ‘old’ Daventry - lost to our town for ever.

Let’s hope a lasting legacy can come by re-providing a useful community asset on the site.

Name and address 


Leaving us in the dark

As a pensioner walking home at night,

I pass another unlit light,

I stumble on paths and roads unpaved,

And wonder what the councils saved.

It must be a really large amount,

Stored in an Icelandic bank account,

I think of Pods and a marina folly,

A watery grave for a Waitrose trolley.

But plans have been drawn for a shopping mall,

With shiny shops and fun for all,

All ablaze with lights so big

Showing the emblem of the flying pig.

At last I’m home and in my porch,

It’s Christmas, I may get a torch!

Mr G Smith



Totally ridiculous!

I refer to Mr Bill Adam’s letter Developed/demolished. (December 12).

If you are going to comment then get your facts right. Had he attended the planning meeting he would have known that my name is Eddon not Eddis, had he been joined by Cllr Collyer they would have both known the facts.

Not only about the misquote attributed to me in last week’s paper but all matters concerning the new developments.

The Abbey Retail Park application came under, and was approved, by the West Northants Development Corporation (WNDC) who had the responsibility of deciding applications over a certain size and cost at that time. These development control responsibilities have subsequently been passed back to Daventry District Council.

It would normally be the case in planning applications such as this that the developer decides who would fill the units on this development as it would be a commercial decision.

What is wrong with having similar shops? Giving shoppers more choice cannot be bad, competition lowers prices saving the need to go to another town.

The library, which was originally the Daventry Grammar School, will be replaced by a brand new up-to-date building at a time when libraries all over the country are being closed. I attended the Grammar School in the fifties, have many memories of friends, teachers and my time there. These I can keep whether the building is there or not and I believe that the loss of this building will be more than compensated by the facilities planned for Mulberry Place.

Does Mr Adam ever attend meetings at DDC? He seems to be critical on a regular basis but, like Cllr Collyer, doesn’t always get his facts right. Perhaps if either of them do attend any meeting I would be pleased if they would introduce themselves to me.

Cllr Deanna Eddon


People were so kind

My thanks to those customers and staff who helped me when I collapsed in the post office recently and to the gentleman who kindly allowed me back into the queue ahead of him. Also my apologies to the staff for spoiling their displays.

K Downes