Tax has failed to free up homes

This week is the two year anniversary of the Bedroom Tax, which has already hit over 500 people in this constituency, including those with a disability and carers.

The Bedroom Tax is immoral and it doesn’t work. It hasn’t made social housing fairer, it hasn’t freed up housing for larger families and it hasn’t saved money.

For the vast majority of those affected there is nowhere smaller to move to. Many have been forced into debt and poverty.

All social tenants are at risk ​of being hit by the Bedroom Tax if their circumstances change – for instance, if children leave home, someone dies or income falls.

Last year Labour proposed to abolish the Bedroom Tax.​​Lib Dem and Tory MPs, including Chris Heaton Harris, voted to keep it.

A Labour government will ​quickly abolish the Bedroom Tax, funded by closing tax-dodging loopholes. Labour will also get the affordable homes built that our families and communities so badly need.​

If the Tories win in May the Bedroom Tax will cost each family affected £3,800 on average over the course of the next parliament. Can you afford five more years of this?

Abigail Campbell

Labour parliamentary candidate,