Take responsibility for your own dog

I know this is a recurring subject but for some weeks a very large dog has been allowed the foul the footpath in Christchurch Drive between Pembroke and Oriel.

I have reported it to the dog warden but as always the problem is catching the miscreant.

The council agreed to send a cleaner, but as the fouling continues this is not the solution. It is not the dog’s fault but the owner’s. If you’re not prepared to clean up you should not walk a dog on a public foot path. This is a busy path walked by children going to school and residents who are entitled to a clean pathway.

Please, in the spirit of good will to all mankind, buy some large plastic bags and use them!!

Name and address supplied


Thank you Gusher

Just wanted to let you know that the number 12 bus is now taking the advertised Ashby Road route through Braunston, to the great delight of a great many residents. Thank you so much for the part the Daventry Express played in publicising the story, and making this happen – it’s much appreciated by us all.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and an excellent new year!

Cllr Abigail Campbell


Memories not enough

I apologise for getting Councillor Eddon’s name wrong, please put it down to old age.

Regarding my use of the paper’s misquote of her, as I found no correction of the mis-quote in subsequent issues I could not be aware of the error.

Responsibility for planning passes between the authorities, making it difficult to know who was responsible for what when.

Councillor Eddon asks “What is wrong with having similar shops competition lowers prices.”

There are several motor fuel outlets in Daventry but this does not appear to have resulted in low fuel prices in the town.

I was remarking on the fact that all the outlets were for goods already available at existing outlets.

Councillor Eddon may like to reconsider her justification for demolishing the library: “Memories These I can keep whether the building is there or not.” Applied nationally, this principal could place at risk any old building from Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace.

Bill Adam