Scheme lacks common sense

Mickle Well Park
Mickle Well Park

The proposed Mickle Well Park leads me to be puzzled as to where common sense has disappeared to.

Surely it is better to fill in the very large natural vacant space in the Church Fields area first, before building outlying estates?

Church Fields is the vacant gap in Daventry’s urbanisation and is far easier for residents to get to both to the town centre and the train station at Long Buckby, potentially saving a lot of congestion, other traffic and human problems.

Further more, the proposed Mickle Well Estate is showing only one entrance and exit straight onto what is already a fast dangerous single carriageway main A361.

This road also takes a lot of large industrial vehicles. I wonder how the ‘school run’ will cope with that accident free.

In the real world not every pupil will be from Mickle Well and vice versa.

This road under the present proposal would need to be, at least, opened out to a dual carriageway specification.

There is also a natural line to this point for a Daventry Northern Bypass from Browns Road roundabout linking all four of Daventry’s northern and western main road approaches.

This, if put in at the same time, would alleviate the Daventry bound traffic load considerably and also divert most of the industrial traffic away from Northern Way.

Can I urge the planners to think about the big picture before they grant their permission to go ahead with this estate.

There is a huge pressure to build more houses because of population growth, but lets try to do it in a tidy and sensible fashion.

Mike Bloom

Ashby Fields, Daventry