Roundabout problems

I agree with Councillor Colin Poole about the roundabout near McDonalds/Working Men’s Club.

We have a structure to show what Daventry means and yet the grass is a mess.

I would like to also say that having helped Daventry and District Housing and Councillor Wendy Randall on the Grange recently with a litter pick, what a mess everywhere is looking.

Your grass cutting team comes around and cuts DDC grassed areas and leaves grass on the roads, pavements. Yet I have noticed that when Daventry and District Housing and other housing associations are in the villages grass is cut, it is picked up and taken away. I appreciate that they have large areas, but to make places look tidy, it would help with the grass getting picked up and taken away.

I also noticed that on the Grange area we have some lovely bushes growing, but due to no one taking the time to maintain them they have those sticky weeds growing in them, again making areas look a mess.

Things need to change, to make our town look tidy. At the moment it does not!

Sharon Moore, Daventry


It’s not just appearance

Last week I drove round the Eastern Way roundabout and pointed out to my wife what a good display of wildflowers were there, congratulating DDC on their environmental awareness. She replied: ‘It won’t be there long and they’ll probably mow it next week’.

Now Cllr Colin Poole thinks it’s a disgrace.

What is the point of us being encouraged to manage our gardens for bees and butterflies if the council’s answer to a flower is to call out the mowers?

Weedon Parish is the same. When I complained about close mowing everywhere they said ‘the residents think it looks tidy’. Well it might look tidy to them, to wildlife it’s the Sahara Desert.

Fred Kay, Weedon


Wildflower meadow

With reference to the article in the Daventry Express, headed “ Grass Cutting Row”, Cllr Poole has, with others, justifiably expressed our community’s concern about the quality of grounds maintenance in Daventry, and I’m certain we all support the Express’s Clean up Campaign.

However, in selecting the Eastern Way / iCon Roundabout as an example my colleague, perhaps not alone, is unaware the central area has been planted with native trees, (these a welcome a gift from our local Rotary Club) and for good reason, to allow the central reservation to develop as small grass and wild flower meadow, with benefit to insects, bees, moths and butterflies, requiring for the safe movement of traffic, only the border area to be close cut.

Those ecologically minded and with a discerning eye will see from your photograph this is already taking place, the trees as they mature should prove to be an increasingly attractive feature, giving a softer edge to the approach to the Daventry, currently dominated by buildings that form the northern boundary of the Abbey Retail Park, puts this in perspective, unfortunately not included in the photograph.

Mowing of the central area takes place after the grasses and wildflowers have finally gone to seed.

Cllr Chris Over, Abbey South Ward, Daventry