Quagmire verge 
is being ignored

Muddy Verge (out side a care home) in Ashworth Street,Daventry.
Muddy Verge (out side a care home) in Ashworth Street,Daventry.

The road in Ashworth Street, Daventry, has a grass verge between the pavement and the road.

What should be a pleasant green addition to the street, is instead a rutted muddy quagmire with no grass growing. This is due to vehicles parking on it and churning up the mud. Unfortunately this problem is not new and the verge has been like this for some time. Even in the drier months, there is no chance for the grass to grow back. It is unsightly, lowers the quality of life for people living nearby, and is a danger to anyone walking there who might stumble or slip on the mud. I have spoken to residents who want something done, and I have spoken to the local county councillor Alan Hills. A site visit by highways officers was carried out. They agreed it was a problem, but due to a lack of money they say it is not a priority to fix, implying if the residents helped pay for it might make a difference. Stopping cars from parking there is impractical, replacing the grass verge with a lay-by would be costly. The county council appears to be saying this is a problem residents should ‘get used to’, but the residents have a right to expect something to be done. Ideally I’d like to see ‘grasscrete’ put down, a concrete mesh that allows grass to grow, but will take a car.

Cllr Chris Over

Daventry District Council, Abbey South ward


Help raise awareness

I am writing to ask your readers to support people with epilepsy and celebrate the international day of epilepsy awareness. Purple Day, on Wednesday 26 March, is now in its sixth year and has fast become a fantastic way to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy. Here at Epilepsy Action we are encouraging people to ‘turn their world purple’ by swapping their ordinary suits, uniforms, or work wear for something purple in return for a donation. There are also lots of other ways for people to get involved. Previous fundraisers have painted themselves purple, eaten purple foods for the day, baked blackcurrant pies and had purple tea parties to name a few. The money raised from Purple Day will help Epilepsy Action to support the 43,000 people with epilepsy across the East Midlands. Anyone wishing to take part in Purple Day can request a Purple-icious fundraising toolkit. It includes an official Epilepsy Action ‘Purple collection box’, balloons, stickers and posters. It also features lots of useful tips to help you get started. Every year, around 32,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy, that’s 87 every single day. Every penny raised on Purple Day will help us to continue our vital work in supporting the 600,000 people with epilepsy across the UK. To request a fundraising toolkit, or for more information about others ways to get involved in Purple Day, visit epilepsy.org.uk/purple, or call 0113 210 8800. Readers can find out more about living with epilepsy at our website, epilepsy.org.uk .

Michael White

Fundraising Events Officer
Epilepsy Action


Thanks from Danetre

As Secretary of the Friends of Danetre Hospital, can I please thank Chris and Claire Eyles of The George Inn, St. James St, Daventry for donating £451 to the Friends following their raffle during January. They and their customers have provided much-needed funds for our charity, which supports the patients and staff at Danetre.

Arthur Pritchett

Secretary, Friends of Danetre Hospital


‘Vindictive pursuance’

In pursuing code of conduct investigations against me, the town council is continuing to show scant regard for due process and the law.
In excess of £20,000 of taxpayers’ money was spent on the judicial review. I was unlawfully suspended for asking a question about a company owned by a member of staff supplying the town council. At the DDC chairman and the same member of staff’s request, the district council has spent 18 months and in excess of £30,000 of taxpayers’ money investigating my conduct. This vindictive pursuance of me is in direct violation of the order given by the High Court at the conclusion of the judicial review. “The suspension and ban being deemed as unlawful subsequently renders all further actions by the defendant (Daventry Town Council) in relation to the claimant (myself) code of conduct as unlawful.”
Guidance to district councils requires all code of conduct inquiries should be completed within three months. But the Conservative-run Daventry District Council has allowed their investigation to hang over me for 18 months.
Is it because I am a member of UKIP that I am being hounded or is it because I have uncovered malpractice?
The decision by the panel was based on one man’s opinion and had no basis in local government legislation.
I challenge the town council to impose more sanctions upon me. How much more taxpayers’ money will be spent in attempts to gag me?

Cllr Eric Macanndrais

Deputy Chief Executive DDC and Monitoring Officer 
Simon Bovey said the figure of £30,000 is believed to be incorrect and too high. The three months completion for Code of Conduct inquiries does not apply in all cases. He adds the decision by the panel was not, as stated by Cllr Macanndrais, based on one man’s opinion.