Proposal would deter visitors

Daventry Country Park
Daventry Country Park

While we accept the need to make financial savings wherever possible, and recognise the advantages of not providing ticket machines as a target for thieves and vandals, members of the Friends’ Group have concerns regarding Daventry District Council’s projected innovation of only allowing payment by phone for parking at the Country Park (Daventry Express, November 27).

It appears that there would, in due course, be no alternative or back-up system to this; and given that there could be failures in networks, blind spots, communications etc from time to time, this seems ill-advised.

If the system relies on downloading apps to connect to the payment system, them it could mean that only those with Smartphones, rather than the basic version, would be able to use the park. It may even be that some amongst us either do not possess, want, or are disbarred through disability from using mobiles.

All in all, it looks likely to deter people from using the park and we wonder what evidence the council has collected to reassure the public that would not be the case.

We should like to see a manual option for those who do not wish to pay by phone.

We are, of course, also communicating our concerns and suggestions to Daventry District Council.

Dennis Cooper (Chairman)

for the Friends of Daventry Country Park