Pleasure to see Bloodhound

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My Portfolio Holder colleague Cllr Chris Over and I had the pleasure of visiting the Daventry UTC to show our support for a very successful initiative being held there over a two-week period surrounding the emerging Bloodhound Super Sonic Car.

It is planned that this car will set a new land speed record next year in South Africa of 800mph and will then follow that in 2016 with an attempt to reach over 1,000mph over one mile.

An impressive 1,000 Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three students from local schools will have visited the UTC by the end of this week to undertake education workshops about all aspects of the Bloodhound SSC, including its engineering design and 
monitoring its performance data.

It was also good to see more than 400 visitors attend this impressive facility last Saturday to learn more about the Bloodhound and see the educational value of the UTC to our community.