Please see sense over college

I HAVE been following with some professional interest the recent debate concerning the siting of the proposed University Technical College (UTC) in Daventry.

It would appear that the opportunities for high class education in Daventry are burgeoning, with schools at both primary and secondary level about to achieve academy status, but that opportunities at further and higher education level are currently limited.

Now it appears that this shortfall is to be met by the establishment of the UTC, a development that will attract substantial inward investment from both government and industrial sources.

This can only enhance the opportunities available to the young people of Daventry for generations to come.

I am surprised, therefore, to learn that a handful of shortsighted, anonymous people seem determined to frustrate this endeavour.

I am further surprised that the unelected town council is apparently willing to spend council-tax payers’ money in support of this senseless approach.

I cannot believe that the majority of the people of Daventry are content for this to happen.

It is not yet too late for common sense to prevail; but it soon will be.

Alan Chantler