Parking nightmare needs addressing

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The problem of parking in Highfield Road is made worse by people being threatened with tickets if they pull onto the kerb to allow more room for other vehicles.

Highfield Road is wide enough that they could reduce the grass verges to enable people to park without being on the kerb or blocking the road. It’s the same across much of Daventry, even new estates where the planners knew residents would have multiple cars – Middlemore and parts of Lang Farm are awful. I think the planning ‘norm’ is currently 1.5 spaces per new property – thankfully my neighbours on Timken have more spaces as several have 4-5 cars per house!

The estates should at least be laid out to allow for a reasonable amount of street parking – either with bays or simply wide enough to fit a car and fire engine through.

Nothing DDC does will discourage car ownership/use in a town like Daventry. It’s difficult, bordering on impossible, for people living in some locations to manage without cars, particularly if they are working parents.

It’s about time DDC cottoned on to the reality of living in Daventry and started making decisions that make life easier for us all!

Helen Beeby

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