Our monarchy is here to stay

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DR Ken Ritchie’s letter (Daventry Express, May 24) lends itself to a lot of thought.

When I think of a president I think of all the despots that we have and had running other countries, ie Libya, North Korea, China, Iran etc.

When he says that the Queen will lunch with the king of Bahrain, surely this is protocol and she would have been advised by the government.

What if Tony Blair had been president? While in office he made agreements and dined with Gadaffi.

A president is an unknown factor. I dread the thought that in many years to come (after my time) that we may have a member of the national front as head of our country.

An article in the Daily Mail on May 26 should answer Dr Ritchie’s question. A poll stated 69 per cent of people thought we’d be worse off without a royal family and only 10 per cent want Britain to become a republic.

You only have to look at the wedding of Prince William when thousands of people, many from abroad, flocked to the palace to see the newly weds.

In these difficult and austere times, and reading bad news in the tabloids every day, the Jubilee will give people a chance to celebrate and let their hair down. I remember the last street parties - it helped me to meet and talk to the people in my road who I had never spoken to before and a lot of us have become good friends.

I think Dr Ritchie’s going to wait a long time before he sees any changes in the Royal family voted by the people. I think this debate is dead.

Ron Smith