Onus is on us to keep town clean

As a Daventry town resident I was pleased to read about the Daventry clean up which was motivated and supported by the Daventry Express.

Although, due to disability, I was unable to personally take part, it was heart-warming to witness the community spirit of those who did.

However whilst out and about this past weekend I again noticed scattered litter and rubbish. Then feelings of disdain emerged and I, yet again, reflected on this rubbish situation. When I think of litter one thought remains constant -

“Whose litter is it and how do we change the attitudes of so- called litter louts?”

In short, litter has a previous owner and is the discarded property of some person.

There is an onus of public responsibility and to consider that some other person or organisation should be cleaning it up is wrong. Individuals need to take responsibility for their own rubbish and attitudes need to change.

Sometimes we appear to live in a blame culture and it is easier to blame local councils and delegated organisations for the untidy state of our town.

However whilst I agree local councils and delegated organisations have a duty of responsibility in keeping our town clean and tidy, the basic responsibility lies with those who willingly and neglectfully disperse and discard their litter.

Unless attitudes change, litter will be continually used just as a political football and our lovely town will constantly suffer from this rubbish situation.

Gloria Edwards-Davidson