Olympic rules are ‘draconian’

I AM annoyed that both Daventry and Banbury were snubbed by Locog over the torch relay.

I have not been in favour of holding the ;ames in England and any interest that I might have had in the past is gone now.

I will not knowingly support any firm that displays the graffiti on their products.

We have been taken for a £9 billion ride.

The Labour “Government” was responsible for the heinous “London Olympics Act 2006” and this makes shocking reading.

The “Brands Police” have been given powers way beyond those which may have been deemed necessary.

The British people have to abide by draconian measures to protect the sponsorship deals whereas we, the people, will be paying for the shambles for decades.

Like the turbines imposition on Helmdon, Byfield, Winwick, Boddington etc, it is local people’s wellbeing that counts for nothing in the path of big business, EOn and PfR and Broadview are Euro collaborators.

They have no empathy with our suffering.

Things are going to get a lot worse with the imposition of HS2 .

Who will write Northamptonshire’s song of lamentation?

Alfred Noyes is dead but his poem should be published again.

One part goes “Daventry calling ...Dark and still. The tree of memory stands like a sentry, over the graves on the silent hill.”

Margaret Holland