No ‘secrecy’ to FODOS group

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IN response to Arthur Vale’s letter “How can an anonymous group represent town?” I would like to put right a few myths regarding FODOS.

We are a group of concerned Daventry residents who do not want to see the destruction of our town’s green open spaces.

We are using our democratic right to challenge the Daventry District Council (DDC) over developing on green open spaces in Daventry. If you require more info on FODOS you can visit the web site at

There is no secrecy to our group and both DDC and Daventry Town Council (DTC) have our names and addresses.

We have nothing to hide and we are proud of what we are doing, as we have the support of many Daventry residents who too do not wish to lose our green open spaces.

DTC has supported us and we have gone from strength to strength in gaining support from the public.

FODOS would also like to thank DTC and the public for their financial support, as legal challenges are very expensive.

DTC has paid £447 to FODOS’s legal team so far.

The reason FODOS have not had any more monies from the DTC is because the case is still on-going and our solicitor has not invoiced us yet.

When we recieve the invoice from our solicitors we will then present it to the DTC for payment (as agreed by the DTC resolution to fund FODOS).

Bob Waldock