New estate close to Country Park

Daventry Country Park
Daventry Country Park
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Last week’s Daventry Express reported that the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy for the area now has the backing of a Government inspector

I expect, however, that few in Daventry would have known that a Core Strategy existed, and even fewer will be entirely pleased with what it contains.

With around 700 people on the district council’s housing waiting list, we need more houses and a core strategy is required to map out where new developments should be built.

Decisions on which green field sites should be sacrificed for housing will never be easy, and we cannot expect everyone to be happy with 
the choices that have been made.

One part of the strategy which will be of concern to many people, however, is the proposal to build in proximity of the country park.

The park is surely the jewel in Daventry’s crown, and the thought of it becoming more an urban than a country park fills me with despair.

I would be very surprised if this proposal is not opposed by a majority of the town’s residents.

The core strategy should be based, insofar as is possible, on what local people want.

The consultation on the core strategy was, like other local consultations, wholly inadequate and I therefore urge the council to conduct a much wider and more pro-active consultation to determine local views on this proposed development.

The Churchfields site may be attractive to developers, but that is no reason for despoiling an area loved by so many people.

Surely there are alternatives. And if there is to be a Churchfields development, surely there should be prohibition on building within, say, 200 yards of the park’s present boundary.

Ken Ritchie

Ware Road, Barby