Middlemore deserves a school and chance to build a community

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WE noted in last week’s Daventry Express (Letters, May 31) that headteacher of Barby Primary School Angela Tilston indicated that there were currently school spaces within the village schools.

She further added “that filling the existing spaces in these villages schools will not only offer the children an excellent standard of education often in smaller class sizes than those of the town schools, but will also help to maintain these schools at the heart of their communities”.

Whilst we recognise that village schools, for some, may be ideal for their children, it is still a logistical nightmare involving many miles of travelling made possible only if you have a vehicle.

Transporting children many miles to village schools, however, doesn’t help build a local community and as Angela Tilston rightly pointed out, a school is at the heart of the community.

All we, as Middlemore residents, are asking for is a local school, as designed on the development plans from the very beginning, to help build our own local community.

Don’t Middlemore residents deserve a chance to build their local community too?

There are around 600 properties within the Middlemore development with even more due to be built.

This is larger than many villages yet not a single community amenity is available; originally there was a school and a community hall planned, Daventry District Council removed the community hall which residents accepted as the school was to be built, now they are trying to remove this too.

Denise Deane On behalf of Middlemore Residents Group