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A selection of letters to the Daventry Express (January 13)

Leisure centre still needs work

WHILE I applaud the fact that Daventry Leisure Centre is now run by volunteers, I feel that there are great gaps between what Daventry Active was saying in your article printed on January 6 (Actively working together to benefit our community) and the reality of it all.

First, my biggest gripe is the lack of facilities for young people.

My children both do other activities but wish to keep fit. The activators that used to run on Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 3pm was ideal. They could turn up and use the facilities when they could fit it in.

Then a teen pump class was arranged but this automatically cuts out a number of the children who used activators due to the age restrictions.

But the most annoying thing of all of this was that teen pump arrived on the timetable but apparently the small print of responsibility had not been defined so has not started yet.

I thought we as a society were meant to be encouraging our young people to stay fit and this is just another disappointment to them. Don’t leave the children out of the community.

The leisure centre is not in my opinion ‘back on track’, there are some fundamental issues still to be addressed:

It would be good if the studio floor was clean.

Wet wipes to clean the spin bikes would be hygienic for all

Air conditioning that works (apparently only one unit is currently working in the studio).

Instructors seem to have problems with faulty headsets for the classes.

I have witnessed with my own eyes young members of staff with their feet up on the counter – hardly professional.

The final problem is the café area. This could be such a successful area where members and non-members would congregate but it takes so long to get a coffee that many people can’t be bothered to wait.

This I would imagine could be a great source of income but staff training and customer service needs to be improved.

I am a regular member of the gym and the classes and appreciate the facilities but please start to rebuild at the bottom to secure a great foundation to work on.

Vivien Wardle

Claydon Road,


Festive party was wonderful

WE WERE invited to Queen of Hearts pub for a Christmas lunch, and would like to thank all those involved who contributed so much.

The party we attended was a resounding success, with excellent food and superb service.

We would like to wish all involved a very happy New Year and thank you for a memorable day

D White

via email

House numbers are a success

DAVENTRY District Council is committed to delivering affordable housing.

It’s one of our corporate priorities and we’re performing well.

Your recent article (Charity calls for affordable homes, December 30) wrongly suggested that local delivery of affordable housing is poor.

Recent years have been challenging, because of the very depressed housing market, but 224 new affordable homes have been delivered in the past three years – a fantastic achievement for a rural area.

We are rightly proud of our track record and are recognised as delivering best practice – this is why the National Housing Federation invited us to be part of their ‘Save our villages’ campaign (as endorsed by council last month).

We work in innovative ways to provide suitable housing to those in need.

We have a dedicated officer to act as a single point of contact for every affordable housing enquiry and project.

We are working with parish councils and other partners to undertake housing needs surveys on a three-year rolling programme so that we have comprehensive information about housing needs for every parish in the district.

We have strategies and policies to ensure that all new housing developments include a high proportion of affordable housing.

We encourage owners of empty homes to bring them back into use by renting them to people on our waiting list.

For only £65 plus VAT any private landlord can advertise their properties on our Choice Based Lettings system.

Our housing waiting list is open to all, whatever their priority and circumstances, whether they are looking for their first home or to transfer.

Maria Taylor

DDC community corporate manager

Cllr Steve Osborne

DDC health and housing portfolio holder

Thank you for returning purse

I WOULD like to thank the very kind gentleman that handed my purse into the police.

Thank you very much, I wish you a happy new year.

Mrs Austin

Have you tried Freegle site?

IN these hard financial days, I am sure the tip shop has been even more useful to people.

I have used it many times as I am sure a lot of other people have.

However, the other source I use all the time is Daventry Freegle, which is an online site for local people, although it operates nationwide.

I have given many items away on this site and also received items that other people no longer want.

My friends and family have received computers and TVs etc.

You name it, someone will have it, so people of Daventry do not despair!

I have also made friends through it, so if we have nowhere to actually go and browse, there is a good chance that someone will want your cast-offs, or will have what you want.

Liz Cox

Money found on Daventry estate

ON THE evening of January 4 I found some money on the floor somewhere on the Southbrook estate.

If the owner of the money can provide me with the correct information I will return it.

I need them to tell me how much they lost, what the denominations were, what the money was in, and what note was with the money.

Please get in touch through the Daventry Express.

Name and address supplied

In-built lights for bicycles

PEOPLE grumble about cyclists without lights but parents cannot buy bicycles with built-in lights.

There would be chaos on the roads if motorists had to rely on fragile plastic lights which break easily and on separately fitted batteries which keep running out.

With technology, lights could be an integral part of a bike and be expected to last for five to 10 years without needing replacement parts.

It would be easy nowadays to provide the power without the drag associated with old fashioned dynamos.

Rob Wheway


Children’s Play

Advisory Service

Too icy to grit is beyond a joke

VISITING friends at Warwick Court before Christmas I couldn’t help but notice the staff had done a marvellous job of clearing the snow and ice around the building.

When I later walked into town people were slipping up all over the place.

I asked a council worker on the market when the groundsmen were going to salt the town and was told they had all been sent home as it was too dangerous for them.

It is beyond a joke that Daventry District Council says it want to attract more shoppers to town when it cannot be bothered to get its workers to clear the snow around the town and especially the car parks, which were atrocious.

As a council tax payer I also think it is unacceptable that groundsmen get sent home on full pay when it is their job to keep the town clean and tidy.

Name and address supplied

Thank you to good samaritan

PLEASE may we take this opportunity to thank the two good samaritans who came to the aid of one our walking group near Norton last Thursday.

The lady had become ill and the two samaritans promptly gave her a lift to our lunch stop where she made a full recovery.

Thanks for your caring service.

Bob Lowe

Daventry Ramblers