Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to the Daventry Express (December 16)

Low flying pigs over the town?

I WAS sorry to miss it – the flying pig making a return visit last week to Daventry (Flying the flag for a great night out).

I hear it landed at the bottom of Sheaf street. On the back of the flying pig was a Christmas fairy dressed in a purple dress, carrying a purple wand. She’d come to sprinkle purple stardust onto the offices of the Town Centre Partnership.

As the pig gently knelt to allow the fairy to alight it said: ‘I’m sorry, princess; I didn’t ask your name?’

She replied ‘It’s Princess Jackanory.’

John Birch

Via email

We need better leisure facilities

WE WAIT with great anticipation for the completion of the latest building to be finished in Daventry.

Will it be a cinema, bowling alley, outdoor pool, snow dome or any other much needed leisure facility? No.

It’s an iCon centre where big companies can hold seminars and very few people from Daventry will ever step foot inside. For Daventry to apply for the Purple Flag award as a good place for a night out is a joke.

When I moved here in 1976 the town at night was very lively, now it is totally dead.

For a good night out you need to go somewhere like Northampton.

Nigel Carr

The Haystack


Hat trick for our council cash

I SEE that the local government minister has said that councils should be able to provide the same, or even better, services with 25 per cent less money.

So far as I can see, that must mean that councils, including our district and county councils, have been spending something like 30 per cent more than they need have done for (say) the past five years.

If so, this profligate waste is surely a scandal. Or is Mr Pickles talking through his hat?

Jim Brant

Sunningdale Drive,


Not everyone wants to play

WHAT is it with dogs and their owners?

My two daughters are terrified of them yet these dog owners seem to think that it is okay for their dogs to run after children.

When I tell the owner to get their dog under control they just shout back at me ‘he only wants to play’. Well, not every child wants to play with their dog.

Recently a dog ran after my daughter, and as she was scared she started to run away and fell back onto a wooden post that they have round the field and she bruised her back.

Yet this woman still couldn’t get her dog under control then. It jumped up onto my pushchair with my younger daughter in and started licking her face.

After all this she still couldn’t get her dog under control. And then she told my daughter to stand still.

How do you tell a scared eight-year-old to stand still when all she wants to do is run away?

Just keep your dogs on leads not every child wants to play with them.

Claire Smith

Via email

Looking forward to future of fun

MAY I say a big thank you for the superb Christmas decorations around the town.

I only have to take a stroll down the High Street to have my spirits lifted.

Chesney Hawkes was a fantastic choice to turn the lights on.

The Daventry Business Partnership certainly has my backing to gain purple flag status to get Daventry the recognition it deserves.

It’s a privilege to live here, and a I look forward to many more fun nights out in vibrant Daventry.

Ian French

Lincoln Way, Daventry

Warming stories are good news

WITH the dark evenings and winter firmly in place how ‘warming’ it was to see two very positive news stories emerging around Daventry over the past week.

Firstly the national press in the form of The Sunday Times published a very positive article stating that Daventry is ‘one of the unlikely epicentres of Britain’s economic recovery’.

The article highlighted the large fall in unemployment in our area, which apparently is five times more than that seen in London.

It also highlighted a number of our local businesses who are doing well and made mention of the soon to be opened iCon Centre which will offer 60 business incubator units, some of them university spin-offs.

The Independent newspaper has also visited Daventry to pick up their angle on this good news story.

The district council is delighted with this feedback as at the centre of our ambitious plans is the objective of attracting inward investment in the form of jobs and showing the world that Daventry is open for business.

We take nothing for granted and nor are we complacent as we continue to progress ambitious plans with our partners to deliver a brighter future for our existing residents and in particular our future generations.

Talking of our young people, it was an absolute privilege to attend and witness last Saturday evening, the Daventry Music Centre’s senior Christmas concert at Danetre School.

It was fantastic to see so much young talent on display and recognition should be given to all involved, i.e. students, parents and teaching staff, all of whom should be very proud of their achievements.

Finally I wish the senior brass section well in their efforts to win the national brass competition in April 2011.

Cllr Chris Millar

Leader, DDC

An ambassador to be proud of

READING the article Decision due on services (Daventry Express, December 2).

I do hope that doesn’t include getting rid of that lovely man who keeps our paths clean in town.

Everyone loves him, he smiles and always has a nice word for everyone.

People ask him the way, the time, where the toilets are, etc. He would make a marvellous ambassador for Daventry. He makes a dull day full of sunshine. Thank you nice man, you make my day.

LJ Raffell

Nene Walk, Daventry

Weather didn’t dampen charity

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the folks who braved the Arctic weather conditions and who turned out on Saturday, December 4, in support of Time2Talk’s little table top sale at the Abbey.

We managed to raise £160 in a couple of hours for the charity and in these straightened times every little helps.

Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in and helped out and all the kind folks who donated items for sale on the day. You are brilliant!

Andy Nixon,

Manager, Time2Talk

Our loss is a gain for Wales

DEWI Morris represents one of the best examples of a dedicated public sector employee (Dewi says fond farewell to park).

Totally committed and a thoroughly nice person as well.

Powys’s gain will be a very sad and irreplaceable loss to west Northamptonshire.

Keith Liggins

Via email

New drivers lack local skills

AS a driving instructor I was particularly interested in your report about young drivers on country roads (Police offer help to young drivers, December 9).

The crash rate is particularly high on country roads for new drivers generally, not just in the Guilsborough area.

There is very little country driving in the driving test, and the skills needed are mainly taught either in Pass Plus or in the Advanced Courses such as the Institute for Advanced Motorists.

For this reason, I make a point of teaching country road skills to anyone living in Daventry and the surrounding villages.

The key techniques (scanning, limit point of vision, and positioning) are important for staying alive, but also make driving on country roads much more enjoyable.

It is worth asking your instructor to include these in your course, and most instructors will be happy to help you be safer and more confident on country roads whether you passed your test yesterday or several years ago.

Robert Woolley

East Street, Long Buckby

A thrill see to democracy

I ATTENDED the Daventry District Council planning meeting the other day when the proposed SITA waste transfer station in Sopwith Way came up.

There were arguments for the proposal but the majority of support came from a packed public gallery, various councillors, but most of all from the members of the committee.

It was extremely pleasing that the committee voted unanimously to reject the planned change of building use.

Their input as consultees on this planning application was much appreciated by residents and businesses alike.

Well done to the campaigners and well done DDC for doing the right thing. The next important meeting is on Tuesday when the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation will make a decision.

Tom Welch

Via email

Show support for campaigners

TUESDAY will be an important date for the residents of the Timken estate in Daventry and nearby local businesses.

It is the day on which the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation’s (WNDC) Daventry planning committee meets to consider the application by SITA to establish a waste transfer station in an industrial premises in Sopwith Way.

This location is no more than 120 metres away from the nearest homes on Timken.

Should the WNDC see fit to grant the requested planning permission it is going to adversely affect the lives not only of the residents of Timken and local businesses, but much of Abbey North as well.

Increased noise, a generation of odours, air pollutants, a need for pest control, increased road traffic, disturbance at weekends and bank holidays through plant operation and the loss of local jobs will be the result of the granted of the planning application.

Daventry Town Council and Daventry District Council’s (DDC) planning committeess have been consulted by the WNDC and both have overwhelmingly opposed it.

I would therefore ask the residents of Abbey North ward and beyond to support the members of the committee fighting this planning application and attend the WNDC planning committee meeting.

It will be held at 6pm in the council chamber at DDC’s Lodge Road offices.

Show the strength of feeling that exists against these proposals.

Cllr Chris Long DDC and NCC