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A selection of letters to the Daventry Express (December 9)

I don’t want to oppose turbines

THE Daventry Express (December 2) reports that Daventry District Council (DDC) has so far spent £68,000 on legal fees fighting wind farm planning applications.

Several more are in the pipeline and assuming the planning committee acts within the guidelines of its present consultation document, all will be rejected and almost certainly go to appeal.

Whether the money comes from ‘reserves’ or elsewhere it is our tax money being wasted.

Sue Sherman and Yolanda Wilcox are worried financial considerations may stop the DDC rejecting the applications.

May I suggest they pass the hat round their supporters and underwrite the legal costs.

At least that would stop myself and the many other supporters of carbon reduction subsidising opposition which appears to be based on the perceived property values of a small minority of Daventry district residents.

F Kay

West Street


Flying the flag for legion event

THANK you for your coverage of the dedication of the Royal British Legion standard at Braunston (New flag is dedicated, Daventry Express, December 2).

May I through your columns thank the many standard bearers and all others who participated in making the event a memorable success.

In this our principal thanks must of course go to our padre the Rev Clive Cooper, who arranged and officiated at the service.

Bill Musgrove

Branch secretary

Making town estate great

WELL said Pippa Wright (Letters, Daventry Express, December 2).

I have lived on Timken for more than 10 years and knew no-one.

Then along came Pippa Wright, a young mum who is working so hard for the Timken group. She truly cares so much for all residents and families on Timken.

Those of us who are working with Pippa to get this new group going now have good friends and neighbours.

I wonder if the resident who was quoted in the story Play park fears (Daventry Express, November 18) has ever been to any functions like the Macmillan coffee morning, the Christmas fair or bulb planting?

I would urge you to please come along and have a chat to us, and you could express your opinions and views. We are a mixed but nice bunch.

Pippa has gained respect from councillors and is working hard with Evonne Carr from Daventry District Council to ensure a good outcome for all. But we would love to have your support.

A big thank you must go to Mayfield Park Bowls Club for the valuable support it gives freely.

On Saturday, December 18 the bowls club has joined with the Timken group to invite everyone to come along, meet their neighbours and have a Christmas drink. All residents are welcome.

We would love a good turnout, so please come and have a good chat. There’s so much going on at the moment that residents should be aware of, including the Reject the Dump campaign, which also needs all the support it can get because if you think the park is rubbish let’s hope we don’t end up with rubbish on our doorstep.

So come on everyone; get involved to make Timken the best place to live, we can do it if we work together.

Pauline Williams

Via email

Thank you for delivering pills

THE other day I went to Knight’s Pharmacy in Long Buckby’s Market Square to get my tablets.

They said they didn’t have one of the type I needed in, but would get a delivery the next day.

However, I said I didn’t think I’d be able to get back out there to pick them up so they said they would deliver them to me absolutely free of charge.

I just want to say a big thank you to them – it’s nice to know that some companies are really helpful in these days.

They came out to me, just as they said, through two to three inches of snow and the back roads were really quite dangerous.

I thought ‘well that’s is really, really good service’ and I really wanted to let the pharmacy know through your pages that I appreciated it.

Frank Goodyear

Ashby St Ledgers

Keep in mind Santa’s helpers

IT’S that time of the year again when Santa points his sleigh in the direction of Daventry and the surrounding villages.

Of course, Santa has some helpers on his rounds who collect donations from households on behalf of the Danetre Rotary Club, which it then allocates to local charities.

Every year the sleigh runs face challenges - mainly wintery weather (who would have expected that in December!) and helpers going down with colds and flu.

But there can also be technical gremlins ready to sabotage their good work.

The point of my letter is that each year I read of complaints from people whose children waited expectantly to see Santa only to be disappointed.

Please try to be understanding.

Most of the people who make the sleigh runs possible work full-time and have only a short time each evening to pile on the thermal layers before venturing out into the cold (often without time for supper) to spend two-and-a-half hours cheerfully trudging around the routes.

They will repeat this on several evenings over a two-week period and will do everything in their capability to ensure that no-one is disappointed.

They are woefully short of volunteers and yet everyone who does join in does so cheerfully (perhaps you could consider helping rather than complaining).

If you are unlucky enough to miss Santa on one of his evening runs then go along to Bowen Square on one of the Saturdays in December, he and his helpers would love to see you.

Teresa Leadbetter

One of Santa’s helpers

Tuition fees hike is unnecessary

TODAY (Thursday), MPs will vote on the Government’s plans to treble university tuition fees.

I hope that as many MPs as possible will vote against these unnecessary, unfair plans.

They are cutting money for university teaching by 80 per cent, much more than other services, and are making graduates pay the whole cost of most degrees.

Students will be forced to choose the cheapest course, not what’s best for them – and will be paying back debts for 30 years.

The plans are bad for universities and not the road we should be going down.

The Labour Party will be voting against the plans.

Labour would avoid the big cuts in university teaching grants and share the cost of higher education fairly.

Maureen Luke

Via email

Thanks a million

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the very honest person who found and handed in my bank book.

It was handed over to a High Street bank.

If the person who found it reads this, I am grateful to you and wish you all the best. You deserve it.

Name and address