Letters of the week: April 9 edition

Each week readers send us their views on the latest events in Daventry. If you would like to submit a letter for consideration you can email it to editorial@daventryexpress.co.uk.


Apology over meeting problems

I think I must personally apologise to those of you who attended Daventry Town Councils Annual Town Assembly at the community centre on March 16 for myself 
thinking that it would be a good idea for representatives from Alliance Planning, Northampton College and Sports England to attend a public meeting to answer your questions.

With none of the invited accepting the invitation – and only myself now thinking your voices should be heard and your concerns answered – it looks unlikely that meeting will take place, even though we have an extension to April 28 to put the town council’s 
response in to the application.

I was happy to see so many people at the meeting and I hoped that by attempting to answer your questions you had a better understanding of the planning system and that the town council is simply a statutory consultees and Daventry District Council is the planning authority which will pass or refuse the application.

So, just like the 100 or so who attended the meeting, I have no more answers and only more questions.

To the families who have found out the college is considering closing the nursery, 
so much for sustainable growth – with another 130 houses where will their children go?

We all know change needs to happen and if, like we are told, power is passed down to the people why isn’t anyone listening ?

I asked a few weeks ago in this newspaper what is the point in consultation if the views of the people are not taken into account and, further more, National Planning 
Policy ignored.

Where will it all end?

Steve Tubb

Daventry Town Council, Hill Ward

Thanks to emergency teams

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the fire service, paramedics and police in their superb care and kindness shown to me following my accident in Norton village on Easter Monday.

Thanks also to Northampton General Hospital A&E for their high-quality care.

Lastly, but my no means least, sincere thanks to Amy and Graham who came to my assistance, stayed with me and cared for Fudge the rabbit, taking her home.

Betty Mead

London Road, Daventry