Letters of the week

This photo of snowdrops in Daventry Holy Cross churchyard was taken earlier this month by Phil Pratt.
This photo of snowdrops in Daventry Holy Cross churchyard was taken earlier this month by Phil Pratt.

Each week our readers send us letters with their views on the latest developments in Daventry. If you would like to submit a letter, you can email it editorial@daventryexpress.co.uk.


Too many not registered to vote

The general election and our district council elections are only ten weeks away, but unless our district council gets its act together many people will not be able to vote because they are not registered.

Cllr Alan Hills has reported that the number of registered electors in the district has remained more or less constant, but total figures disguise large decreases in some areas.

In Drayton ward the number registered to vote has fallen by eight per cent since last year: in The Stour the number has dropped by 15.5 per cent, in The Severn over 14 per cent and over 10 per cent in The Medway.

In The Severn, one house in five does not appear on the electoral register, and for The Stour and The Medway around one in six are missing.

This is intolerable. It means that many people in areas with most need of council services may not be able to vote for those they want to represent them.

The council must urgently conduct a further canvass of homes, calling on residents in evenings and weekends when people are more likely to be at home.

Registering to vote is a legal requirement, and unless the council acts now many people risk facing fines for not doing so.

Ken Ritchie

Labour candidate for Drayton

Thank you

People helped in moment of need

I would like to thank the small band of people who helped 83-year-old Mrs Grimes when she tripped over some protruding paving slabs in front of Waitrose on February 18 at 10.10 am.

It was later revealed when she went to hospital that she had broken her right hip.

I would like to thank the gentleman that phoned the ambulance on his mobile, the two extremely kind ladies Valerie and Rennie of the DACT shop the other side of the road, who kindly helped Mrs Grimes providing her with a pillow and blankets to keep her off the cold concrete as much as possible. Sarah, the emergency care practitioner from Daventry who was a “real brick” and the two policemen.

Even the fire brigade stopped to see whether “gas and air” was needed. It was 11am before the actual ambulance turned up as it had to come from Towcester and it was midday before we got to hospital.

I would like to thank all the people who made Mrs Grimes as comfortable as possible inn that time.

Harry Head

College plans

Where does it fit into town plans?

We were unable to get to the Northampton College exhibition but have now seen their plan for Daventry and have a number of comments.

Firstly, we still believe, as we said in a previous letter, that the college site is a prime educational and recreational asset for the town as it expands and should not be sacrificed for any short term gains, whoever the beneficiaries.

We wonder what confidence we can have in the college claims for the new facility, given their achievements in Daventry over the last 12 years, where it has overseen a very major run down of activities.

We would also ask whether the facility planned will complement, or compete with, the UTC and how it could have any significant impact on the problem of students leaving the town for their education.

We were also surprised about the statements made about the unsuitability of the existing buildings and the need for a new architect designed facility.

They may have been neglected by the current occupants for a number of years but, not sure who paid, were fitted with new windows and had extensive roof repairs not very long ago. By any normal standards for school buildings they are quite modern.

If this plan was an integral part of an overall plan for education in an expanded Daventry it might be worthy of consideration. Is there anyone who would claim this is the case?

Val and Colin Wiseman

Grovelands, Daventry

Need to preserve playing fields

I think that the development of the college is an excellent idea. The building of houses on the remainder of the site is very shortsighted. Assets like this should be kept for future development in educational facilities. More houses in the town centre will only lead to more motoring hazards.

Just imagine another 130 houses with probably 260 cars plus the additional traffic for the college. The crossroads are already dangerous enough.

Bob Edwards

Badby Road West,