Labour is fully behind the bid

I WAS surprised to read Cllr Chris Millar’s letter (Daventry Express, February 9) and would like to put the record straight.

There is no opposition to the University Technical College from the local Labour Party, nor has there ever been.

As leader of the Labour group on the district council, I sent a letter to Cllr Millar on January 25 which included the following: “I am pleased to advise you that the Labour Group supports the proposed University Technical College unreservedly.

“We believe that with the proposed development of the town, this is the perfect time to move forward and provide the breadth of education and skills training that will be required by our young people, both in the immediate and longterm future. If Daventry is to prosper and achieve its long held ambition to introduce more high tech employment and by that, raise the standard of living in the area, then we must be able to attract new companies by being able to offer a suitably skilled work force...”

The local Labour Party does not have any influence with FODOS, has never been approached by that organisation, it has not attended any of its meetings nor does it have any other dealings with it. Indeed, I do not even know the identiy fo the ‘mysterious ten’ but perhaps all will be revealed during the elections in May.

In the meantime, I hope that ccmmon sense will prevail and that FODOS will see its ways to remove the UTC site from its ‘Village Green Status’ application in the interest of the many thousands of youngsters who benefit from this unique educational opportunity in the years ahead.

Janet McCarthy

Leader, Labour Group


I SEE the election smearing has already started!

FODOS has nothing to do with the local Labour Party and I have no idea who the group consists of.

I am fully supportive of the University Technical College and so is the local Labour Party.

Once again can I state that I am against the proposed canal arm going along Eastern Way but not against developing the area. I feel strongly that it should be developed with amenities that would benefit all ages.

Cllr Wendy Randall

Labour, Drayton ward