Join together and support schools

Gloria Edwards Davidson
Gloria Edwards Davidson

Daventry Councillors at all levels should join and support Daventry Secondary Schools.

I respect the frankness of Gina King OBE as she reflected on the decision to set up the Tertiary College (Daventry Express, January 29).

Having served on committees chaired by Gina at county and community level I have witnessed her long term commitment to people.

In 1989 as a social worker with the Children and Families Team in Daventry I had reservations about the changes. Some pupils may have benefitted from the Tertiary College however the formal structure of secondary schooling had a proven track record of academic performance.

A decline in the achievement of our secondary schools emerged, and contrary to the comments made in last week’s Gusher by Councillor Abigail Campbell this was picked up by the Conservative-led district council. Approximately seven years ago, as a district councillor, I chaired an Overview and Scrutiny Task group which examined sixth form education in Daventry.

Strenuous efforts have been made towards improvement.

However, brighter pupils continue to be poached by Warwickshire schools.

Social inequalities thus emerge if some parents can organise the change of school whilst others are unable to afford or address change.

Performance stats of Daventry Schools have been undermined. We must support and value our schools.

After all what must it feel like to be a teacher or pupil at these schools?

We need to be positive and address negative aspects.

Staff and pupils need to feel valued in order to attain self-worth and identity.

My grandchildren attend Parker E-ACT Academy. I want the best for them and fellow pupils.

Gloria Edwards 

Inlands Close, Daventry