Is the cinema plan for Daventry feasible?

DE ja vu all over again

I am reminded, after reading Mrs V Charles’ letter, that, in one of the early “concept” visualisations of the WaterSpace project (long threatened, but still no obvious forward motion – lack of funds perhaps?) a wonderful new outdoor pool was shown, apparently thrown in as a sop to those of us who were protesting, possibly in the hope of silencing our misgivings.

There also, if I remember correctly, was an Entertainment Zone which appeared to hold a cinema and restaurants at that stage.

When the next set of visuals came out, these had vanished, as had the old outdoor pool!

If this new cinema is actually going to become a reality, will the council please tell us which cinema chain is going to move into this complex?

If they cannot, or some independent operator is going to come in, there is no way this, if built, will survive, since we will be back to the situation of the old Regal, replaced by a twin screen auditorium where The Square nightclub is now situated.

To watch the latest blockbusters we had to travel to Rugby or Northampton, as film charges for operators were prohibitively high.

Not being in the cinematic business, I do not know if this situation has changed, but I doubt it.

This will leave us with art films, or old standards that many people will already have on DVD or BluRay.

So, Daventry District Council, tell us who is coming in, or admit you are just flying a kite to keep the populace quiet, for a while at least.

That way, we will know something genuine and exciting may happen, not more same old, same old.

David Krampf