Good luck with tip changes

I read your front page headlines about the two-day closure of “the tip” (Daventry Express, December 4) with dismay.

Although we no longer live in the Daventry area we have first-hand experience of what tip closures can cause as far as fly tipping is concerned.

We live on the outskirts of Birmingham and our local tip is run by contractors for Walsall Borough Council.

About two years ago Walsall, in an effort to save money, closed the tip every Wednesday and with immediate effect fly tipping was happening everywhere – even on one of our local beauty spots, Barr Beacon.

The tippers don’t care just as long as they can empty their cars, vans and wagons.

A proportion of what is tipped is done by rogue 
traders who have to pay to use the tip anyway, but now we see loads of normal domestic rubbish tipped anywhere.

Now that the public is phoning to complain to the authority they are sending dustbin wagons round to pick it up from roadside laybys, fields, woods and roadside hedgerows. So the council is still having to fork out to keep the area clean and safe.

And of course there is always a little litter that gets missed, indicating to the next passing fly tipper that “wow! here’s a great place to leave this load as it will soon get picked up by the council”.

Northamptonshire council... don’t do it. Daventry folk... ask for some of your council tax back as they will not be giving you full whack for your money. Local villagers... keep your eyes open ‘because it’s the village areas and lanes that will get most of the rubbish. Good luck.

Sid Brough

(formerly of 
Woodford Halse)

Sutton Coldfield,