Fodos are well supported

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ROB Walduck’s views in last week’s Gusher are not those that I share.

I would like to put straight a few myths of the legality regarding the funding of FODOS. We might be a group of Daventry residents with a membership of 10, but we have the support of thousands of concerned residents in Daventry.

We have also collected 68 affidavits from concerned residents from Falconers Close.

None of our members are either current town councillors or district councillors.

The funding of our group has mainly come from our own pockets.

We have been supported and funded by the town council for legal fees regarding the application of land at Eastern Way and Ashby Road pitch and putt course as a town green.

We have been transparent in all of our actions and have nothing to hide.

There is a case identical to ours at Ashton Gate, Bristol.

Long Ashton Parish Council have agreed to fund Save Ashton Vales Environment (SAVE). The group could not instruct solicitors without this financial backing.

The council obviously thinks this is tax payers’ money well spent for the protection of their green open spaces.

FODOS, and groups all over England, are also trying to protect our open spaces for future generations to use and enjoy.

As a taxpayer I object to the DDC spending over £500,000 on consultants fees for the canal/marina and putting aside £40,000 to challenge the town green application on Eastern Way and Ashby Road. Is this value for money?

Bob Waldock