Europe walk-out will hurt trade

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I FOUND Mr Heaton-Harris’ column on Europe well written and a decent summary of the Euro debacle.

However, I wonder how Mr Heaton-Harris feels now that his boss has walked away from the table without even attempting to negotiate.

It surely cannot be in the country’s interests to annoy our European neighbours to such a degree. Indeed, several business leaders who rely on European imports and exports have already condemned the recklessness of Mr Cameron’s actions.

Like or loathe Europe, this country needs good trade relations with the continent.

We can ill-afford to sit on the sidelines while important decisions that will affect these trade relationships are made.

Further, how much were Britain’s interests really being threatened?

Not much really – just those lovely people commonly referred to as the bankers.

An article in The Observer stated that the financial services industry in Britain constitutes 7.5% of GDP and employs a million people. The City represents perhaps a third of that. This is a small part of our economy, and the pain felt by souring relationships in the EU for other sectors will probably be worse.

Mr Cameron is claiming we’re still part of Europe, but we’ve lost a huge amount of influence. And for what?

To appease the Euro-sceptics within his own party and protect the very people – the bankers – who got us into this terrible mess.

This is a politician putting his party, and rich donors to his party, before the interests of the country.

Mr S Goodman