Enquiry needed on latest plans

It appears that Daventry District Council (DDC) is intent on pushing through its plans for a new college building and new housing on the existing site of the college.

Are the people of Daventry not going to be given a serious opportunity to debate these plans?

Of course there will be DDC’s usual ‘consultation’ in which we are invited to tick boxes against simplistic questions which DDC itself will pose.

Surely, however, we need something akin to a public enquiry, led by an independent person who has the confidence of the community as well as DDC and the town council.

Such an enquiry would give people a chance to question DDC and the college authorities on the case for demolishing an apparently serviceable college building and building a new one (particular in times of austerity), on the impact of the additional houses on the Grange (which is already an area of high housing density), and on the loss of open space for recreational use. It would also provide an opportunity for people to put forwards alternative plans for discussion.

Only two years ago, when there was much debate over the siting of the UTC, we were assured that only a small part of the green area off Eastern Way and Ashby Road would be lost.

Now there is a proposal for building on a further piece of this area.

At that time was it envisaged that the college might want to transfer to an adjacent site?

If not, what has changed in the past two years to make this desirable?

And if it was then seen as a possibility, why were we not told? These are matters an enquiry should address.

Ken Ritchie

Ware Road, Barby