Elections will be a referendum on plans

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COUNCIL leader Chris Millar seems a little upset.

Conservative leaders of Daventry District Council are probably accustomed to getting things all their own way, so it is understandable that he finds FODOS, a group that has a different view of what is good for Daventry, irritating.

I know that Cllr Millar lives in, and represents Brixworth, but surely he must know that while all reasonable people in Daventry want a new college, not everyone accepts that funders should be allowed to tell us where it should be built.

We have local elections on May 3. Why not use them as a referendum on the issue?

FODOS should field candidates – at least one in each of Daventry’s four wards – and other candidates can make it clear to the electorate where they stand. That way we would have a much better picture of what people in Daventry really want.

Ken Ritchie